MGA was nothing more then a peer from the Punjab, people would go to him and ask for prayers for a son or other worldly prosperity like good health, and MGA would take their money without thinking twice. Here is a reference that proves the point.

The Quote

“”A person who was rich and requested Molvi Abdul Aziz to pray so that he can get son. Molvi sb told him to go to Qadyian and ask Mirza Qadyiani. Person went to Qadyian and requested Mirza for prayers (through Abdullah Sanori). Mirza said that prayers are not made in casual way that only by lifting hands. It is done by special conditions in heart. It is necessary that either i should had some special relation with him or he should do some service for religion , that from Mirza sb heart prayers come out. For Prayers, Mirza Qadyani (set a condition for his prayers towards a person) said he will only pray for a person if he pay or promise one lack Rs 100,000 Rs for islam. Then he will pray for him, then God sure will give him son. Mian Abdullah sanori said that he informed (mirza sb message) to him. On this person kept quiet. That person died without having any children. His property got divided from fights and law cases (as quoted by Mirza Bashir ahamed son of Mirza qadyani . in Serrtul Mahdi Quotation no.264 – new edition urdu”””

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