He was another early toilet attendant of MGA, the other was Shaikh Hamid Ali. Ahmadiyya sources also claim that Sanauri wrote letters on behalf of MGA and acted as a scribe.

He passed away on October 7th, 1927 on a Friday (See Dard, “Life of Ahmad”). He related many stories to Mirza Bashir Ahmad which were published in Seeratul Mahdi (1923 edition). His nephew is the famous Dard who wrote, “Life of Ahmad” (1947). The other famous toilet attendant was Shaikh Hamid Ali. They both lived in MGA’s house. On the Aaqa Ka Ghulam channel, they showed a ref wherein a Kashf (dream) of MGA wherein it seems like he says that Abdullah Sanuari put his finger in MGA’s diarrhea (see at the 1:18:00 mark).

His name is also spelled as Muhammad Abdullah of Sannour (and as Sanori or Sanauri)and Miyan ‘Abdullah of Sannour, who is a patwari [A village registrar of land] in Patiala State (See Tadhkirah, 2009 edition).

At barely 18 years old, he is employed by MGA as a toilet attendant.

He is the main witness for the famous story of the red drops.

Along with Shaikh Hamid Ali, he accompanies MGA to Hoshiarpur. MGA occupied the upper story of the Taweila and entrusted different duties to his three companions. M. Abdullah Sanauri was to prepare food for MGA and serve it. Sh. Hamid Ali had to do the house work and also attend to visitors. Fateh Khan was required to do the shopping.

He worked with MGA as a letter writer and general servant. He was involved in MGA’s discussions with The Rev. Mr. Stanton.

He is #4 on the original bait list.

He was a witness to MGA’s death prediction from Athim. He also reported the happenings in and around Qadian when the Athim prophecy failed.

He is listed on the famous list of the first 313 Ahmadi’s, he is listed as #36.

He dies and is buried with some of the clothing of MGA in terms of the story of the red drops.
MGA’s dream about Sanuari’s finger in his diarrhea

Published in 1921 from the book house in Qadian, “Letters of Promised Messiah, addressed to Maulvi Abdullah Sanauri”
Page unknown


“Kashf may (via dream), huzoor nay dhaika (his holiness [mga] saw), kay, eis shakhs nay, (that this person), huzoor kay bhai hat (grabbed his left hand) kee hutaylee (from the palm) per dust pair deea (and it was spun in diarrhea)”. 


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