Anyone who has been an Ahmadi and grew up around the politics of Ahmadiyya-leadership-management knows….you know that ALL Ahmadis hate each other and are competing to become a local Qaid, general secretary, Local President, Finance Secretary and etc etc etc.  This is how Ahmadis build a reputation in their corporation.  Most Ahmadis do this only to get their children arranged marriages as well as a social position.  Whatever the motivation is…..as an American-raised person…I saw it as nonsense.  However, the immigrants from Pakistan seem to be more then eager to stab their fellow Ahmadis in the back, simply to get a position.

Mirza Masroor Ahmad scolds Ahmadis in a recent khutbah
In his Friday Sermon from 12-2-16, Masroor says: 

“……that some people complaint about the office bearers and other members, pinpointing their particular wrongdoing or misconduct that is against the Shariah and furthermore they demand prompt action or investigation over it considering that they are portraying a bad image of Jama’at. However, many such complainers do not mention their names in the letters or will just write an incorrect fake name and address. On such ambiguous letters, no investigation can be done and neither is undertaken. Later when time passes, a complaint is again lodged that no action has been taken on my prior complaint letter and if no inquiry is commenced it will lead to a lot of loss. Complaining whilst remaining nameless is common among Pakistanis and Indians. There is hardly any complaint put forward by members from other countries throughout the world. But Pakistani’s residing in other countries have this problem of complaining by being anonymous. However, this is not something new and such people who put forward these complaints have shown up during all eras. Such anonymous complaints were forwarded during the time of previous Khulifah’s as well. Hazrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) had also delivered a sermon regarding such complaints because in order to put such people to silence it is essential to come up with a very comprehensive and clear plan and therefore making use of that sermon I have thought to deliver a few words.”””””””

Ahmadis are at each others throats
The average Ahmadi hates his office bearers in his/her local jamaat.  They are rude, insensitive and are eager to call every Ahmadi in the world and ask for more chanda.  In fact, they are given chanda targets and are forced to reach them or be replaced and embarrassed.  Masroor mentions that Ahmadis send in complaints and are afraid to give their names.  These Ahmadis see the fraud in the Ahmadis that hold office-positions and are scared to speak out and confront their Khalifa and local Ahmadis.  This behavior is most likely prevalent in all Ahmadiyya jamaats around the world….since we know of the underhanded activity of the Ahmadi-mullah and his team of volunteers.

Robotic behavior of Ahmadis
Masroor tells us that the Ahmadis that complain and cause the most trouble are Pakistani.  He claims that the rest of the Ahmadis in the world are better people…however, the Pakistani-Ahmadis seem to have some universal issues with morality.  I actually agree with Masroor. These immigrant-Ahmadis are the most over-confident band of robots that I have ever seen…..they would do whatever their Khalifa ordered without thinking twice.

The Lahori-Ahmadis had the same problem
Ahmadis have been accusing Ahmadis of immorality since at least 1907-1914.  The mudslinging continued uptil at least 1965.  Since then, however, the Lahoris have left the Qadianis alone.

Pakistani-Ahmadis are the rudest people that I have ever met.  They are not close to any God…they serve the Mirza family, and are ready to kill their children for it.