Its no secret.  Ahmadis hate Muslims, and with a passion.  I blame it on the Mirza family, in contrast, the Lahori-Ahmadis are much better.

Here are some screen shots of an Ahmadi calling me a terrorists on FB

Ahmadiyya Khalifas need to be arrested for murder
I live in California, I dont know anyone in Pakistan, like no one.  Why would an Ahmadi accuse me of terrorism?  On top of that..I am a veteran of the US Air Force…with 10 deployments from 99-2004, with major combat time.  Its impossible for me to be a terrorist.

Ahmadis are crazy and fanatical…more evidence will come.

Ahmadiyya mosque vandalized in Sialkot, May–2018, but it’s all Ahmadi’s fault, since they were trying to build a museum to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad