Ahmadiyya is a dangerous organization.  Since the late 19th century anyone who has opposed Ahmadiyya has been murdered or threatened with murder.  Just recently, the Punjab police raided some offices of Ahmadiyya in Chenab Nagar as Ahmadis kept breaking the law and publishing their newspapers.  Mubasher Shah, who is a spokesman of Khatme-Nubuwwat in Pakistan claims that Ahmadis staged everything.  Check out his video explanation posted below.  He claims the same for the Chakwal attacks.  He also further explains how in Chakwal, the Muslims were only doing a protest, and were fired upon by Ahmadis.

The video

1.  He says that Ahmadis are only playing an Asylum game, as many leading Pakistani-Christians have recently told the world.

2.  He even explains how MGA and his father were in the business of land grabbing in British-India.

3.  Ahmadis fired upon the peaceful protest…which led to a mob scene.

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