Ahmadis in Pakistan want to fast-trak to the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany or any western country.  Its purely economic.  It has nothing to do with religion.  Then, they come to the west and hold their nose high and pay chanda and volunteer at their local house of worship.

The average Ahmadi in Pakistan
The average Ahmadi in Pakistan is a backwards person.  Much like the people that they hate. Desi-people are similar, religion doesnt really matter.  Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims all act the same, they all wear the same clothing and etc etc etc.

India wont allow them to return?
The Ahmadiyya community is not persecuted in India, they are considered Muslim by the secular govt and worship freely.  The sacred city, i.e. Qadian is right there.  Their heavenly graveyard is also there.  And its the same people, Desi’s are all the same.  So..why doesnt Ahmadiyya leadership put pressure on the Indian Govt. and force them to accept all of the Ahmadis of Pakistan???

The Mirza family doesnt want India
The reason that this is not happening is simply that the chanda dollars that are generated from Ahmadis in the West exceeds all donations of Pak and India combined.  The Mirza family is only in it for the money and power.