Ahmadis have been ordered by their Khalifa to spam the internet with lies and deception. Ahmadis have lied to NAFTA, the UN, the USA, Canada and etc etc etc.  They have been lying for years and years and years.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was above the law in British-India and his family was famous for being land grabbers in British-Punjab.

This tweet by a Geo news reported gives us a glimpse of the truth

Ahmadis lied on social media
What really happened at Shakwal is as follows:

1.  A peaceful protest was walking through the village.
2.  Ahmadiyya security got scared and fired upon the crowd, killing a Muslim.
3.  A mob scene erupted.
4.  Ahmadis lied on social media.

Ahmadis keep provoking the Muslims of Pakistan to attack them.  Then, they secretly pay gangsters to work with their critics and partake in processions, protests, raids and etc.  We all know that Ahmadiyya hides money overseas.  

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