Al-Hakam was the first newspaper in Ahmadiyya. It was the official voice of Ahmadiyya. It was started in 1897, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad appointed Shaikh Yacoob Ali Irfani as the editor (see Dard, pages 563-564).

Dard writes:

“””The first issue was published on October 8th, 1897, having been printed at the Riyad-e-Hind Press, Amritsar. The first number of the second volume is dated February 20th, 1898, it was published from Qadian and printed at the Anwar Ahmadiyya Press, Qadian. The Al-Hakam
enjoys therefore the unique honour of being the first paper of the Community.”””

However, in 1898, the Al-Hakam wrote some rather insulting words towards MGA’s old friend and recent critic, the Batalvi. Instead of owning up to it, MGA simply denied all connections with his own newspaper. This strategy of denying all connections with Ahmadi-authors would become common-place in all Ahmadiyya literature. For example, Mahmud Ahmad started a newspaper in 1906, entitled, the Tashishazul-Adhan, this newspaper openly lied about Mahmud Ahmad being the author of various essays (see truth about the split). Further, Ahmadi-mullahs will always say that even if MGA seems to have made a mistake, we will blame the scribes, never MGA.

The quotation
Dard tells us:

“””I think it improper to make any mention of. Read in this light, certain words regarding
Muhammad Husain written by one of my followers in the Al-Hakam, are not so harsh as
has been alleged. Besides, I have no connection with this paper as the Editor has clearly stated
in its issues of September 6th and 13th and December 8th, 1898, and January 10th, 1899.”””
Al-Hakam is online

Feel free to find the exact issue online and double check my research work.

Click to access alhakam18980906and13.pdf


MGA was a confirmed liar. The British government excused his lying, since they owed him due to his fathers (and brothers and cousins) service to the British.
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