A man named Tahir Rafiq wrote “Rabwah Ka Rasputin”. Brother Zia with Aaqa Ka Ghulam relates a story from it herein. This is the book wherein the raping of Mirza mahmood’s daughter (Amtul Rasheed) is given. Also check out The “City of Sodomy” (Shahr-e-Sodom) by Shafiq Mirza, an Ex-Ahmadi and “Fitna Inkar Khatam e Nubawat” by Mirza Muhammad Hussain.
Rabwah ka Rasputin free book for download

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Mirza Muhammad Hussain’s book

Mirza Muhammad Hussain (an ex-ahmadi) was an ex-ahmadi and a teacher of ladies in palace of Ahmadiyya (Qasr-e-Khilafat), and is thus a witness to many things. He left the Jamaat afterward. Mirza Muhammad Hussain who was a tutor to the Khalifa’s wives. As he witnessed this foul act by Mirza Mahmood and left straight away. I forgot to mention before, there is another account, that the long lost book, the first seerat al mehdi according to Mirza Muhammad Hussain, was confiscated and destroyed. It is possible, that book was written and destroyed, but any member of public have not seen it, only the shalwar incident has circulated over the years by word of mouth.

1st edition printed in November 1978.
Translation: Page 29 of the book Fitna Inkar Khatam e Nabwat – Qamar ul Ambiya (Mirza Bashir Ahmad) wrote a book about his father (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad) named Seerat Mehdi. There were many narrations from people written in it – Also explicit details of the private relationship between his parents (Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and Nusrat Jahan) – narrated by his mother. How can a mother tell the son – the details of physical/private nature of marital relationship with her husband. The first Jild of seerat Mehdi was ordered to be returned and accounted for. The Jamaat is still the same in its deeds. This all is the result of the curse of denying Khatam e Nabwat.

Fitna Inkar E Khatam E Nabowat
“City of Sodomy” (Shahr-e-Sodom) by Shafiq Mirza, an Ex-Ahmadi


Muhammad Mateen Khalid has authored the urdu book titled as “QADIANI RASPUTINO K IBRATNAK ANJAM”. This book has been published in 2006, by Alami Majlis Tahaffuze Khatme Nabuwwat Multan Pakistan. The contents of book carry weight and authenticity as it is in market for last about 14 years and not challenged by Jamaat e Ahmadiyya Qadiania so far. The book is available online, urdu knowing peoples may download and enjoy free reading.

Author has stated the brief life sketches of Qadiani elders highlighting the hidden corners of their lives and the miserable deaths of these pillars of the Jamaat e Qadiania. The list includes the names of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, his wife Nusrat Jehan, his three sons, Mirza Mahmoud, Bashir and Sharif, his daughters Mubaraka and Amtul Hafiz, Hakim Nuruddin, Mufti Sadiq, Mir Muhammad Ismail, Mirza Nasir, Mirza Tahir and many others.

We are giving the Summarised translation of article on Mirza Nasir from this Book.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MIRZA NASIR

Early Life.
The third khalifa of Qadiani Jamaat, grandson of MGAQ and son of Mirza Mahmoud and wife Mehmooda Begum, was born on 16 November, 1909. He passed his BA exams from Govt College Lahore in 1934 and married to Mansoora Begum D/o Mubaraka Begum and Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan on 2 July, 1934.

We leave aside here the brief description of Mansoora,s beauty and sexual relationship with other peoples apart from husband Mirza Nasir.

Nasir admonished her and after sometimes got fed up with her and decided to proceed to England. He proceeded abroad in 1934 and returned to Qadian in November, 1938.

When Mirza Qadiani died, his friends made Nuruddin the first khalifa of Jamaat. Mirza Mahmoud felt that he and his family have been deprived of their legitimate right of khilafat and during the tenure of Nuruddin, they have lost the pomp and show as enjoyed by them in his father,s time. So he planned his son Mirza Nasir would be the next khalifa. He also decided to act in a manner that no outsider could ever occupy the seat of khilafat.

In order to make Nasir the next Khalifa, Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad used all kinds of trickery and politics. At the outset he got the old friends of his father like Molana Muhammad Ali Lahori, Khawaja Kamaluddin and Dr. Muhammad Hussain Shah, dispersed from Qadian. He kicked out Abdul Rehman Misri and his son from Qadian. Fakhruddin Multani was murdered by one of his goons. Mirza Mahmoud in his life time, eliminated every potential threat against the khilafat of his son Mirza Nasir.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ABDUL MANNAN AND MIRZA NASIR

From 1931 to 1941 his main competitor was Abdul Mannan, the son of Hakim Nuruddin. They competed for the president of Khuddamul Ahmadiyya but every time Mirza Nasir was made president through rigging despite the victory of Abdul Mannan. This continued till Mirza Nasir turned 40 and was no more eligible for the post as per law. Now Abdul Mannan was sure to get the seat as he was younger than him. However, Mirza Mahmoud occupied the seat himself and later on handed it over to Nasir by appointing him the vice president. Abdul Mannan was eventually kicked out of Qadiani Jamaat on certain frivolous charges so as to get rid of him permanently.

Besides, Mirza Mahmoud gave Nasir some other important posts like Principal Jamia Ahmadia and College, Principal Officer Jalsa Salana Qadian, Director Idara Tehrik Jadeed, Director of Qadiani Para Military Force, Al Furqan Noori, where he was honoured with the title of Fatehuddin. This was all done in order to clear all the hindrances for his safe journey to Khilafat. However, at the time of election Nasir,s step brother, Mirza Rafi Ahmad, came forward as a candidate for Khilafat but old friends of Mirza Mahmoud out played him with their cunning moves.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________NASIR ASSUMES THE CHARGE OF KHILAFAT

Mirza Nasir Ahmad became third Khalifa of Jamaat Qadiania in 1965. He believed that Jamaat would get a piece of land to rule during his Khilafat. In his speeches, he used to say that the glad tidings of a Qadiani government are likely to materialise during his tenure of khilafat.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MIRZA NASIR PARTICIPATES IN NATIONAL POLITICS

in the national election of 1970, he supported peoples party of ZA Bhutto in the hope that this would be helpful in fulfilment of his dream of Jamaat ruling on certain part of country. In December 1973 he announced centennial Jubilee celebrations for Jamaat. The idea behind this celebration was that, by the year 1983, when 100 years of Jamaat would be complete, they would get some kind of government. However, his plans were proved a disaster. The disastrous events that took place are mentioned below :

On 29 May, 1974, Violent rioting against Qadianis broke out through out the country after Qadiani goons attacked on the muslim students of Nishtar Medical College Multan, at Rabwah Railway station.

On 18 July, 1974, Mirza Nasir had to appear before the Tribunal set up for the Investigation into the incident of Rabwah Railway station.

In July- August, 1974, Mirza Nasir was summoned by National Assembly of Pakistan for his statement on qadianism and its beliefs.

Qon 7 September, 1974 Qadianis were declared non muslim by the National Assembly of Pakistan.

On 15 October 1974 anti qadiani rioting broke out in Sargodha Pakistan, one of Qadiani temples was set on fire. Government bans all Salana Jalsa of Jamaat Ahmadiya.

On 30 May 1975 one of Qadiani temples Alnoor Rawalpindi was auctioned by the Rehabilitation Department, Government of Pakistan.

In 1977, Pir Salahuddin one of the uncles of Mirza Tahir was caught red handed runnung a brothel house at Islamabad. His face was blackened,he was put on a donkey and his sons were flogged for the offence.

On 3 December 1981, Mirza Nasir,s wife Mansoorah died.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________DELICATE TEMPERAMENT OF ROYAL FAMILY

Once in the month of Ramzan, Mansoorah Begum directed her maid to awake her at Seher time so that she could keep fast. When the maid tried to wake her up at seher time, she got annoyed and hurled abuses to poor maid. At mid day when she woke up she called the maid and asked her as to why she did not awake her for fasting.
Poor maid kept quite.

When the Taleemul Islam College was shifted to Rabwah some floral plants were placed there. Mirza Nasir was the Principal of the College. Incidentally, a buck (male goat) owned by Feroz dhobi (washer man) entered there and spoiled few plants. Mirza Nasir got the buck slaughtered on the spot and distributed its meat among his family. After a while Feroz Dhobi approached the spot in search of the animal. Poor chap was shocked to see his buck slaughtered. When Mirza Nasir asked, if the got belonged to him the scared dhobi said yes. Mirza Nasir got bursted on him, gave him a chit for Nazir Amoor Ama. Amoor Amma guys received fine of Rs. 70/- from poor Dhobi.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ROYAL FAMILY IS NOT LIABLE TO RETURN LOAN

I know a man in Rabwah who had 29 decrees issued by Mehkama Qaza. But inspite of these decrees, loan taken by Royal family member was not returned. Man asked me to publish these decrees in newspaper. I advised him to write a letter to khalifa before we get them published. Finally he wrote letter to Khalifa, he showed me the reply received from khalifa. To our astonishment, Khalifa sahib replied that your name has been struck out of god ,s register.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________PROPERTY CLAIMS NOT TO BE FILED BY LAWFUL OWNERS

After partition of India Mirza Mahmoud moved to Pakistan. He directed his Qadiani resident followers not to file claims for their abandoned properties of Qadian as he said according to a prophesy of Mirza Ghulam they would return to Qadian very soon. So the simple followers did not file claims.

The actual story behind this was that before partition of India, the land in Qadian was sold out to followers by khalifa sb but it was not registered in their names. Khalifa himself filed the claim for all of Qadian land including that which was sold out to followers. Since the sold out land was not registered in government record, so he got the property allotted in his name in Rabwah. Neither the followers could get a piece of land through claims in Rabwah, nor they could return to Qadian. In all fairness, Khalifa sahib should have given the due share to the followers from his allotted land but he did not do that.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________MIRZA NASIR VISITS GERMANY ON TABLEEGH MISSION

Whenever ahmadi khalifa visits Europe, Simple fellow Mureeds are told that Khalifa sb is visiting Europe on Tableegh Mission. That he has conveyed the ahmadiyya islam to every nook and corner of the world. So Europe will become ahmadi Muslim very soon etc.

Whereas the factual position is quite contrary to this propaganda. Such visits of Khalifa has nothing to do with Islam. It is only a rest and recreation trip for khalifa, his family and friends which is carried out by the chanda money of simple fellow ahmadis. In June 1980 Mirza Nasir visited Germany along with family. What did he achieved out of this visit we hear from Saifur rehman. He says : when khalifa sb came to Germany I, alongwith an ahmadi friend went to airport to receive him. All ladies and gents accompanying Mirza Nasir were accommodated into mosque.

A colour TV is installed in the mosque. Nude magazine play boy was available beside holy Quraan nauzubillah. People walk in Masjid with their shoes on. This mosque hosts boys and girls on date there. Imam Masjid also reads playboy magazine. Mirza sb and his family made a huge shopping there. A german citizen showed a film which contains pathetic scenes about Pakistan like poor Pakistanis were shown mending bicycle,s puncture and making pakoras in bazar.

Qadianis in Germany were divided into two group on the question of Chandah money. Imam masjid gets a meagre salary of DM 60/- (deutch marks). His family lives in Rabwah where he is maintaining a buffalow at home. Molvi sb despite this meagre salary has spent 700/- DM on a stall at exhibition in Frankfurt. The opponent group has said they would not pay chanda till Molvi sahib show us the the income and expenditure record. One group also blames Khalifa for misappropriation of funds.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________WHY TO KEEP A COW AT HOME WHEN FRESH MILK IS AVAILABLE

Author has mentioned the activities of Mirza Nasir at young age. His presence in night clubs, use of wine, author has also given names of his girl friends. Regarding girl friend Nasir would say “why to keep a cow at home, when fresh milk is available.”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________RELATIONSHIP OF MIRZA NASIR WITH WIFE MANSOORAH BEGUM

Mansoorah Begum, the wife of Mirza Nasir, was suffering from renal failure. On 23 November 1981, she received a severe attack of kidney pain Doctors told Mirza Nasir to shift her to UK for treatment as her condition was critical, if her life is to be saved. But Mirza Nasir got fed up with her and he did not agree to send her to UK. So Mansoorah Begum died of kidney failure miserably at night between 3 & 4 December, 1981. Nasir married to a young lady after 3 months of the death of Mansoorah.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________NASIR MARRIES TO TAHIRA (25) AT THE AGE OF 72

Dr. Tahira was young and beautiful sister of Dr Naseer Ahmad a Professor of Physics at T.I College Rabwah. Mirza Luqman, son of Mirza Nasir had an affair with her but he was strongly warned to keep away from her by Mirza Tahir whose daughter was already married to him.

Father of Dr. Tahira, a follower of Nasir, sent a list of candidates wishing to marry Tahira for approval of any suitable candidate for marriage with Tahira and pray for success of marriage. In response, Mirza Nasir returned the list by crossing out all the names and putting his own name at the top of list.

Mirza Nasir kept insisting the father of girl with the help of his roya and kashf and the glad tidings that this marriage would bring great progress for families and Jamaat. Few spoon feeding Qadaini Mullahs like Dost Muhammad Shahid,Molvi Abdul Malik and Sufi Ghulam Muhammad helped Khalifa to convince the girl,s parents with their ISTIKHARA. The obliged follower agreed to it and married young Tahira to old Khalifa on 11 April 1982.

Nasir was 72 years old at that time, had lost his prime part of youth and was suffering from diabetes, heart, dental and respiratory problems because of excessive use of alcohol. He had remained admitted in St Elizabeth Hospital London for long time. On 23 May 1981 both went to Islamabad on honeymoon trip.

The groom, Mirza Nasir could not match his declining old age with the rising youth of the bride. So he sought for some daisi kushta AKSIR AZAM from famous Dawa Khana Nizam Jan Rabwah through Molvi Ismail Munir. He used the medicine and got the desired result. However, since the medicine contained arsenic and opium it disturbed the blood pressure and sugar level in the body of Nasir, he got respiratory problem as well. His condition got worsened.

Famous Heart specialist Dr. Steven Jenkins of St. Thomas Hospital London was called to Islamabad. In his report he told that using sex medicine has increased his blood pressure on his heart which caused heart attack and respiratory problem. The diabetes further complicated the condition. Dr. Latif ahmad and Dr. Mirza Mubashir from Rabwah and Dr. Major Masoodul Hasan Noori, and General Mahmood from Rawalpindi were also called.

All Doctors were of the unanimous opinion that the sex medicine used by Mirza Nasir has worsened his condition. Next day, he received severe heart attack. He died between the night of 8-9 June 1982. His dead body started decomposing immediately after death because of the arsenic that he had used. So the dead body was packed in aluminium coffin box and despatched to Rabwah.

His wife Dr. Tahira was pregnent and it was feared that she would be killed. Molana Allah Wasaya of Tehreek Khatme Nabuwwat raised voice for her. However Mirza Tahir let her go only after abortion of pregnancy. Because of her critical condition, She was admitted to a hospital at Islamabad. Her brother Professor Naseer got a heart attack of the shock and died. Dr. Tahirah got,survived and running a guest house at Islamabad.

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