For the Urdu readers out there, this is a video wherein this book is opened.

Mirza Muhammad Hussain, the Ex-Ahmadi whistleblower
This is the book wherein the incident relating to Mirza mahmood’s daughter is in the book by Mirza Muhammad Hussain, the name of the book is ‘fitna inkar khatam e nawat” and Ahmadi’s have never challenged it.

A teacher of ladies in palace of Ahmadiyya, is witness to many things. He left the Jamaat afterward. The person who was tutor to mirza mahmood wives. As he witnessed this foul act by Mirza Mahmood left straight away. I forgot to mention before, there is another account, that the long lost book, the first seerat al mehdi according to Mirza Muhammad Hussain, was confiscated and destroyed. It is possible, that book was written and destroyed, but any member of public have not seen it, only the shalwar incident has circulated over the years by word of mouth

Mirza Muhammad Hussain’s book
Fitna Inkar E Khatam E Nabowat

Rabwah ka Rasputin opened

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