Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi (1840-1920) was a contemporary of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the Punjab. They were both born during the the last 8-9 years of Sikh rule and were under the Ramgharia Misl, which was annexed into the greater Sikh Empire in roughly 1816 by Ranjit Singh. They were both educated by the same teachers as British rule began in roughly 1850.  Their parents also knew each other, when MGA’s family went to Batala, they always stayed at the ancestoral home of Syed Muhammad Hussain Batalvi. They were both Ahl-e-Hadith Muslims aka Wahabis.  In 1878 Batalvi started the Ishaat us Sunnah magazine and gave MGA space to market his new book-series, the Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya. In 1881, Batalvi gave MGA an exhaustive review and supported MGA’s work via the Ahl-e-Hadith. In 1884, when MGA wanted to get married, Batalvi had a list of young girls with him and shared it with MGA, this is how they found out about the daughter of Mir Nasir Nawab. The Ahl-e-Hadith grew weary of MGA in late 1884 and some even called MGA a Kafir, since MGA was boasting about divine revelations in his book series (the Braheen), neverthless, Batalvi stuck up for MGA yet again. By 1889 they became enemies, since MGA claimed to be the second coming of Esa (as). They organized debates with each other and jousted from their magazines until 1899, when the British government stepped in and absolved MGA and forced Batalvi to never insult MGA ever again (by calling him kafir or otherwise). His disputes with Ahmadiyya seem to have ended here.  However, he did have a famous debate with a Quranist in 1902 and his sons were found at Qadian in 1910, later on they recanted and left Ahmadiyya.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The 1850’s

MGA and Batalvi used some of the same teachers and were classmates at many times, most likely in Batala. MGA’s father owned a house in Batala.

Batalvi studied Hadith, logic and grammar from Molvi Syed Nazeer Husain (1805-1901). The same Maulvi that read MGA’s nikkah in 1884.

After his mother died, and MGA completed his punishment, MGA returned to Qadian from Sialkot.  MGA abruptly visits Batala and almost has a debate with Batalvi, however, MGA comments that he agrees with everything Batalvi is saying (see BA4, pages 399-400). Batalvi  had finished his studies on islam and as now an imam-proper. This entire scenario happened in a mosque in Batala (see Dard, page 54).

He starts his newspaper, Ishaat us Sunnah, which runs until 1900 and then goes missing. It seems to have been replaced with a new newspaper, the “Ahl-i-Hadis”. Which was edited by Maulvi Sanaullah.

MGA mentions batalvi in BA3, on page 7 of the online english edition. They seem to be very good friends. MGA claims that Batalvi works as a secretary of the Anjuman-i-Hamdardi Islamia, Lahore. Which is most likely the Anjuman Himayat-i Islam. Maybe out of respect, MGA wrote it the way he did.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________1884-MGA mentioned Batalvi in BA4

On pages 399-400, MGA remembers his debate with Batalvi that never happened.

Batalvi gives MGA’s Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya series a glowing review, however, after the 4th volume is published, the Ahl-e-Hadith Muslims call MGA a Kafir. Batalvi sticks up for MGA in this era and claims that MGA is not claiming prophethood, only divine revelations.

Watch Obaidullah Latif explaining all of this herein on Aaqa Ka Ghulam (See at the 12:58 mark).

See page 175 (at the 15:25 mark)


Maulawi Muhammad Husain Batalvi devoted about 14 pages of his paper Isha‘atus-Sunnah Vol. 9 No. 5 and No. 6, pp. 145-158) to this book and instead of reviewing it he gave quotations which he said spoke for themselves. He asked every Muslim to buy ten or twenty copies of the book for distribution amongst the Hindus so that the hostile activities of the Arya Samaj against Islam might be checked.”””” (dard, page 158).  

The magazine became quite popular and was recognized by notable scholars and Government Officials. When Sir Charles Umpherston Aitchison, Governor of the Punjab from 1882-1887, left the area in April 1887, he gave Muhammad Hussain, a certificate testifying to his ability and learning. Muhammad Hussain proudly records this fact (See ‘ Isha‘atus Sunnah’ Vol. 20, No. 3).

Also, in this year, MGA wrote a letter to Batalvi telling him that he was mentally unstable. Scan is posted herein:


MGA mentions Batalvi on page 20 of “The Green Announcement”. They seem to still be friends up to this point. MGA even refers to him an “eminent person”, we are not sure what the Urdu word is here for “eminent person”.

Batalvi begins to question MGA and his claims of being the second coming of Esa (as). This spills over into the early part of 1890.

A full blown war breaks out between MGA and Batalvi. They arrange to debate each other in Ludhiana, however, MGA requests the British government to intervene and save him. This debate lasted for twelve days, from 20 July – 31 July 1891. The venue was the ‘Masjid Awanan’ (Awana’s Mosque) at Ludhiana. This was a written debate, wherein someone other then MGA read out MGA’s (alleged) writings. The written papers of both sides were later published by MGA as Al-Haq Mubahathah Ludhiana (Urdu). [i.e. Truth: the Ludhiana Debate]. Batalvi goes around the Punjab and gets the majority of the Ulema to pass a Fatwa of Kufr on MGA. In October, Batalvi shows up to Delhi and assists Nadhir Hussain in his almost debate with MGA, which is broken up by British police.

The first annual Jalsa in Ahmadiyya history is held at Qadian, MGA and his team had already pre-written out “Nishan Asmani” which is read out to the less than 100 Ahmadi’s who are present. In this book, MGA talks about Batalvi and Nazeer Hussain. MGA calls him Miyan Nadhir Husain (See Nishan Asmani, page-1, online english edition). MGA mentions Miyan Nadhir Husain 22 times, he mentions, and Muhammad Husain Batalawi 29 times. Per Ahmadiyya sources, the book itself was published in the early part of 1892, by May at the latest (see Hidden Treasures).

MGA mentions Batalvi extensively in his book, ‘Nishan Asmani’ in english as “Heavenly Signs”.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________March 17th, 1892

On roughly March 17th, 1891, MGA predicts that Batalvi would die in 40 days time or would suffer a major tragedy. It expires on April 27th and Batalvi is fine, Batalvi then writes about it in his newspaper, this prediction isn’t published by MGA until 1893, in a book called, Aina Kamalat e Islam at page 601-604.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________May 4th, 1893

MGA publishes a prophecy about Batalvi, that would he repent and stop calling MGA a Kafir and etc (see page 39). Ahmadi’s claim that this was fulfilled when the British Government ordered him to never call MGA or Ahmadi’s as Kafirs ever again in 1899 and it was manifested in 1911-1913 era, when he was called to court to testify about Ahmadi’s.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Oct-Dec 1898

He claims that MGA broke the law and conducted a prophecy vs. himself. Even though MGA is guilty, the British government absolves MGA. MGA issues another prophecy against Batalvi, MGA claims that Batalvi will be disgraced by Feb 1900.

“In order to reclaim the owner ship and possession of (our ancestral) property and villages, my father spent about Rs. 8000/- alone and no other heirs had any contribution toward this.”
(Letter to Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi dated :4th January 1898, Maktubat e Ahmad Vol-1, page No.443.)

Ahmadiyya sources tell us that In November of 1902 a debate took place between Muhammad
Hussain Batalavi and ‘Abdullah Chakrhalavi on the importance and position of the Holy Quran and the hadith. Chakrhalavi was the founder of the Ahl-e-Quran sect of North India, he died in 1931.

Maulawi Muhammad Husain is mentioned in E’jaz-i-Ahmadi (I‘jāz-e-Ahmadi) 40 times.

In Lecture Ludhiana, MGA mentions Batalvi, and even says that he visited Qadian often from roughly 1855–1889. MGA also mentions the case of 1898 wherein Capt. Le Marchand saved MGA from going to jail.

MGA and his team publish a dream of MGA wherein it seems that Batalvi will convert to Ahmadiyya. It seems that MGA was still hoping that Batalvi would eventually accept MGA as the Messiah (See 2009 Online edition of Tadhkirah, pages 949-950).

2 of his children seem to have been taken to Qadian by Ahmadi’s and forcibly converted to Ahmadiyya. Later on they recanted. He also appears as a witness in some Ahmadiyya related cases.

He has an essay in the Feb-1910 edition of the ROR which he wrote in Urdu and Ahmadi’s give an english translation. The essay is entitled, “Endowment in Favour of Children, Relations and others”.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Dec-1916, in an essay with no author, “Life of Ahmad”.

He is interviewed by Ahmadi’s. Al Fazl, 12 April 1919.

Batalvi dies.
Al Fazal Akhbar Qadian November 2 1922 number 35 volume 10 page 6

“Muhammad Hussain Batalvi was contemporary to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. If Muhammad Hussain Batalvi’s father would have known that his son would act same as Abu Jahal to the shadow and mirror image of Muhammad PBUH then Batalvi’s father would have cut his sexual organ and would have had relation with his mother “

“Muhammad Hussain Batalvi was contemporary to Mirza Ghulam Qadiani. If Muhammad Hussain Batalvi’s father would have known that his son would act same as Abu Jahal to the shadow and mirror image of Muhammad PBUH then Batalvi’s father would have cut his sexual organ and would have had relation with his mother”


“Khutbat e Mahmoud Vol-3, Page 165

Al Fazl newspaper. 2nd November 1923, the opponent was Muhammad Husain Batalvi,

Mirza Bashirudeen said that Batalvi’s father would have cut off his penis “Aala Tanazul” rather than Screw his wife and create such an opponent to Ahmadiyat.


Ahmadi’s publish: “Batalvi Ka Anjam” by Mir Qasim Ali.

The ROR of March-1935 mentions Batalvi and how hurled insults at MGA.

The son of Batalvi writes a book about MGA called “The useless Prophet”.

The ROR of Sep-1939 and Nov-1939 mentions Batalvi.

The ROR of Nov-1940 mentions Batalvi.

He is mentioned in the ROR of Aug-1941. MGA’s dream from 1888 is also mentioned wherein he had wrote that Batalvi was “mean”.

He is mentioned in the ROR of May-1947 in terms of MGA’s arabic books.

Via twitter, Ahmadi’s share info that some of the great grandsons of Batalvi have become Ahmadi.
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