In the last few months of his life, in an attempt to cover up his own errors, MGA and his team blamed the Quran for also being grammatically incorrect.  MGA had published many arabic, english, hebrew and urdu revelations that had grammatical errors from 1880–1907.  This is the cover-up job.

Here is a really good video on Grammar in the QURAN by Noman Ali Khan

The Quote
“”””The Promised Messiah said: On surface there seems to be a grammatical flaw in this revelation. However, Allah the Almighty is not bound by the grammar, of which there are examples in the Holy Qur’an also.””””””””””
[al-Badr, vol. 7, no. 16, April 23, 1908, p. 8 and al-Hakam, vol. 12, no. 27, April 14, 1908. p. 3]

Also see Tadkirah, 2009 edition, page 10000
The scan

MGA and his team worked day and night to cover-up the errors of MGA.  They loved to blame Muhammad (saw) and Allah.  This is just another example…