One of my close friends in the Ahmadiyya-Awareness team has found an important reference in terms of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his lust after Muhammadi Begum, who was his niece. Feel free to read the full story here: ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Ahmadis lied about the testimony of Muhammadi Begums husband

Ahmadis present this:

Ambala Cantonment
21 March 1913

Dear brother,

Your letter was to hand. Thanks for the remembrance. As for the late Hazrat Mirza sahib marhum, I have always considered him to be, and still consider him to be, a good and righteous man, a servant of Islam, noble-hearted and one who remembers God. With his followers I have no antagonism whatever. Rather, I am very sorry that, due to certain reasons, I could not have the honour of seeing him during his life.

Sultan Muhammad
This letter is a lie

Its a fake, a forgery. Read their full response here:

In 1894, the husband of Muhammadi Begum said

Brief translation and commentary
Its a scan page of “ishat us sunnah” which was lead by Mollana Muhammad Hessian Batalvi. We know Mirza Ghulam has prophesied about death of husband of Muhammadi Begam. It should be done after two and half years from their nikkah in September 1894. But Mirza Ghulam usually fails this prophesy. Then Mirza Ghulam Ahmed responded to people who called him liar by his well known excuse that husband of Muhammadi Begam was frightened from death of Begam’s father so he didn’t die and he repented, later he asked people for an denial of Begam’s husband to his claim if he is lying….Mollana Batalvi write a letter to his one friend Munshi Muhammad Saeed who was living in Rawalpindi and asked him to meet with Begam’s husband to know whether its true that he repented or not?

He met with Sultan Muhammad and asked him about this matter, third question which published in “Ishat us sunnah #6 vol 16 page 196″ (at the end of 1894)was:
What was effect of revelation of Mirza Ghulam on you? Whether you frightened or not?

His answer is:

I used to and still concern Mirza sahib a liar and prevaricator. I am a Muslim and I am very thankful to Allah.”

“Number 3 ma jo Kadiani na Mirza Sultan Ahmad Baig ka dar jana biyan kiya ha, ya mahz kizb ha. Ham na aik dost(Munshi Muhammad Saeed naqsha-novees Rawalpindi) ki marfat Mirza Sultan Muhammad Baig sa bazimn chand sawalat es amr k muthalq sawal kiya to unho na jawab main dar janay sa inkar kiya jo maha sawal zail ma naqal kiya jata ha.
Sawal soom: Mirza Ghulam Ahmed k ilham sa aap’k dil par kiya asar hua tah, kiya aap dar gay tah ya nahi?
Jawab: Mirza sahib ko main jhota or daraghgo janta hun or main Musliman aadmi hun. Khuda ka har waqt shukarguzar hun. Sultan Muhammad Baig-Baqal e khud.
Hazrat nazreen kiya aap jantay hain k dar soorat inkar a khof Mirza Sultan Muhammad Baig sa Kadiani na qasam ka mutalba bawada inaam yak hazar baghait chah-hazar (6000) kiyon nahi kiya jaisa k Abdullah Aatham sa kiya tah? Es ki waja ham sa sunian. Kadiani ko khob yaqeen tah k Sultan Muhammad Musliman, pehr nojawan, pehr Angrazi khawan, pehr police walo ka sobti or muthalq ha. Wo apnay sachay inkar par foran qasam kah kar rupiya wasool karay ga, Aatham ki tarha buddha or zaif ul qalab or esai nahi.”

Ahmadis knew that this reference existed, however, they purposely hid for over 100 years.

Even Nooruddin was ashamed of this incident

Now, I would like to remind all the Muslims who have had and still have faith in the Noble Qur’an that since those addressed in it include also their offsprings, successors and those like them, then, can this prophecy not include the daughter, of Ahmad Beg, or the daughter of that daughter ? Does your law of inheritance not apply the regulations regarding daughters to their daughters ? And are the offsprings of the Mirza not his agnates ? I had often told dear Mian Mahmood (Mian Bashiruddin Mahmood, a son of the Mirza and the second head of the Qadiani movement after Hakim Nuruddin. ) that even if the Mirza were to die and this girl did hot enter into his wedlock, my adoration of him would remain unshaken. (Review of Religions, Vol. VII, no. 726, June and July, 1908, p. 279 (cited from Qadiani Mazhab).

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