We all know that MGA and his family were above the law in British-India. They could do no wrong in the eyes of the British. MGA always got a chair in court, whereas his opponents were made to stand. The British even gave MGA’s father a hefty pension for fighting and killing Muslims in the 1857 war of independence. Nonetheless, there is an entry in Seeratul Mahdi wherein Mirza Bashir Ahmad briefly explains the court cases of MGA. The most important one was the Karam-din case of defamation. The post office case is mentioned here also (see the ROR of Aug-1939).
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(242) This humble self (Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA states that hazrat Masih e Moud had to face 6 court cases by the opponents as under:-
Criminal =4 cases Civil=1 case Financial =1 case.
Hazrart Masih e Moud remained successful in all these cases by the grace of Allah and revelations in this regard. These cases exclude the cases of family property.

(1) This is the first case that was Filed by Postal Department on the information of A christian lawyer Babu Rulya Ram of Amritsar. This is the oldest case which was filed even before the publication of Braheen Ahmadiya perhaps it was filed in 1877. Hazarat sb has mentioned this case at many places but it has been mentioned in detail in the letter, hazrat sb wrote after his ex communication by Molvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and published in Aina Kamalat e Islam.

(2) This is the most dangerous murder case filed by christian priest Martin Clark against Hazrat sb. Initially it came under hearing on Ist August 1897 in the court of E Martino Deputy Commissioner Amritsar. Finally He was exonerated from the court of M Douglas Deputy Commissioner Gurdaspur on 23 august 1897. Detail of this case is given in Kitab ul bariyya.

(3) This case registered against him for maintenance of Public Law keeping Arms and Ammunition under section 107 of criminal procedure code. The court of Mr dowie Deputy Commissioner Gurdaspur exonerated hazrat sb being bailable offence on 24 february 1899. The case was filed on the application of Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and on the report of in-charge Police station Batala on Ist December 1898. Detail published in AlHakam March 1899.

(4) its a long and most painful criminal case filed against hazrat sb by Karam Din resident of Bhen District Jehlum. Proceeding started in Jehlum and then this case was shifted to Gurdaspur. The case was finally decided on 7 January 1905 by session Judge Amritsar Mr. A E Hari whereby hazrat sb was exonerated. The sub ordinate court of Mr Atma Ram Magistrate class-I Gurdaspur decided the case on 8 Oct 1904. Detail of this case has been published in AlHakam news paper. In fact this case had two aspects.

(5) This case was filed by Mirza sb against Mirza Imamuddin etc for constructing wall on 7 Jan 1900 to block the way to Masjid Mubarak. Case was decided in favour of hazrat sb by the Court of Shaikh Khuda Bakhsh District Judge Gurdaspur on 12 Aug 1901 and the wall was demolished on 20 Aug 1901. The detail of case is in Alhakam and Haqiqtul wahi.

(6) This Income Tax case was decided by the court of Mr T Dixon Deputy Commissioner District Gurdaspur on 17 Dec 1897 it was held income tax is not leviable on Mirza sb.

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