Fox news is the official Republican/Conservative news channel in America.  Their mission is to spread Islamaphobia, to malign Muslims, to call Muslims as bad, to call Muslims as terrorists and etc etc etc.  Instead of calling respected Scholars of Islam onto their show and have an intelligent conversation, they have been recently working with the Ahmadiyya movement as both of these corporations collude with each other to call 1.5 billion Muslims as bad.

In this episode, Kashif Chaudhry, the “Ahmadi-refugee” goes on Fox news and indirectly supports the Fox news agenda, he arrogantly tells them that “I am saving lives”, as he refers to his job as a Cardiologist.  However, he fails to mention that his father was a Mullah (aka employee) of the Ahmadiyya movement, and his entire education was most likely paid by Mirza Masroor Ahmad and company.

Moreover, this entire panel is not filled with any Muslims, its filled with Ahmadis.  Ahmadis are the opposite of Sunni-Muslim’s.  This display is essentially like doing a show on the Christian perspective, but stocking the crowd with Mormon’s or JW’s.

The video