Kashif is the infamous son of an Ahmadi-mullah who openly hates Pakistan.  He was running many videos on Rabwah times and even went so far as to try to make a Sunni Cleric say that Ahmadis are liable to death, which he didn’t.  Mubasher Shah simply said that in Pakistan, there are many crimes that people will get the death penalty for.  Nonetheless, recently he got in trouble with his Khalifa in terms of his attendance at an islamic conference in the UAE.  The back lash was overwhelming, the Khalifa seems to have ordered Kashif to disown Rabwah Times and to announce that they do not represent the Ahmadiyya Movement.

Here is the FB posting by Kashif

It has been the modus operandi of the Ahmadiyya movement to always lie about who can officially comment on Ahmadi issues.  They have been doing for years and will continue to do it.