Ahmadiyya and their opinions on Judaism are very interesting. They have a mosque in Kababir which has is also in the same neighborhood as the global headquarters of Bahaism. Nevertheless, their relationship with the state of Israel seems to be positive. In fact, Shimon Peres visited in 2009.  

The quote that I am presenting 
Chapter 33:62 can mean many things, its open to interpretation, I personally feel that it was a historic event that was told by Allah, not a method of behavior vs. jewish people. Malik Ghulam Farid is the author here and Mirza Tahir Ahmad is said to be the editor. This is from the 2002-short english commentary, its unknown what was written previously, as we all know, Ahmadis have a habit of editing their books. Nevertheless, this seems to be the 5th edition, editions appeared as follows, 1969, 1981, 1988, 1994 and finally 2002. In the current edition, it is written as follows:

Ignominy and humiliation have dogged the footsteps of the ill-fated Jewish people throughout the ages.  Their return to Palestine and the establishment of the State of Israel seems to only be a temporary phase”z

In 2016, the same quote exists

Scan work from the full 5-volume commentary of 2018 by Malik Ghulam Farid
This is from the Ahmadi Quran 2:68—-

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