The Al-fazl of April 19th, 1945,
No 92 Volume 33 reports that “Importance of country of Syria in the history of Ahmadiat”. In summary, the article quotes an Ilham of Mirza sb on Syria as under:

یدعون لک ابدال الشام وعباد اللہ من العرب۔

The article further states that Allah will get a big job accomplished regarding Syria, buy the Jamaat Ahmadiya. What is that big job is explained in the prophesy of one shaikh namely Yahya bin aqab who wrote in his book shamsul Moarif as under:
ومحمود سیظہر بعد ھذا ویملک الشام بلا قتال وتطیع لہ حصول الشام جمیعا وینفق مالہ فی کل حال۔
Translation: There will be a Successor of hazrat Masih Moud (MGAQ) whose name will be Mahmoud who will be the conquerer of the country of Syria without any war. This country will obey to him and spend his wealth for him.”

You can read the full history of Ahmadiyya in Syria herein.

The revelation from Tadhkirah

We checked the 2009 online english edition of Tadhkirah and found this:

April 6, 1885
Just now I have seen in a dream that I am confronted with
some difficulty and say: [To Allah we
belong and to Him shall we return].
I said to the person who was interrogating me on behalf of
the government: ‘Will they imprison me or put me to death?’
His reply was somewhat to the effect that arrangements to be
humiliated have been made. I said: ‘I am under the control of
my God Almighty, the Glorious. I will sit where He will
direct me to sit and I will stand where He directs me to
stand’ and then the revelation came to me:
That is [Arabic] The abdal [devotees] of Syria
and the servants of Allah from among the
Arabs are supplicating on your behalf.
Allah alone knows what the import is and when or how it
might come to pass.182 [Allah knows best].
[Maktubat-e-Ahmadiyyah, vol. 1, p. 86, Letter dated April 6, 1885]

The scan work
Daily Alfazl Qadian No 92 Volume 33 Dated 19 April,1945