We wanted to share another article from the Pakistan Times which was published during the Samdani Commission and other investigations in Rabwah.

Some facts
1. Mr. Abdul Sami seems to be in the dark in terms of the Ahmadi mission in Israel.  Most Ahmadi’s play dumb and stupid however. The truth is, Israel would never give Ahmadi’s a visa from Pakistan.  Because of this, Ahmadiyya leadership always sent an Ahmadi mullah from India to their mission in Israel, and that Ahmadi-mullah would be in-charge of that mission.  Further, an Arab was local jamaat president, however, he has less power then the Ahmadi-mullah.

Ahmadi Mission in Israel

“”An Ahmadi mission in functioning in Israel, stated Mr. Abdul Sami, station master of Rabwah Railway Station, during his cross examination on Monday before the Tribunal comprising Mr. Justice K.M.A. Samdani of the Lahore High Court inquiring into the Rabwah incident.

He, however, submitted he did not know if the instructions to the Ahmadia mission in Israel were issued from Rabwah.

Later, when a counsel for the Ahmadia community asked him questions about the mission in Israel, the witness clarified that mission was headed by a local Arab and that it had been functioning there since the time when Israel had not emerged as a state.

Earlier replying to a question, he said 10-12 missions were sent abroad every year by the Ahmadia community.

In reply to cross-examination, Mirza Sami stated that it was true that free copies of the “Daily Alfazal”, an official organ of the Ahmadia community used to be distributed among non-Ahmadi passengers in trains during their stoppage at the Rabwah railway station.  The distribution of the newspaper in vogue from October , 1973, had been discontinued for the past 3 or 4 months because some of the Non-Ahmadis had resented it.

Replying to questions by C.M. Latif Rawnm, the witness conceded that the general body of Muslims did not hold a good opinion about the Ahmadis because of their faith.  Asked about the people’s reaction to distribution of literature on Ahmadiat, among the non-Ahmadis, the witness said: “Some people accept the gift without resentment, but some resent it”.