Ahmadis are fanatic about their religion.  They are ready to sacrifice the lives of their children just for the spread of Ahmadiyya.  They are being radicalized on a daily basis by the Mirza family, and since 1889.  They won’t outwardly admit to this as their true nature, however, it is all discreet, however, every once in a while, as we continue to engage Ahmadis on the Facebook-Discussion-Group,, they have accidentally and slowly admitted to their lifestyle.  Ahmadis never do good in the community simply for the sake of good, they do it per an order by the Mirza family.  The Mirza family seems to have aggressively ordered Ahmadis to perform “Corporate Social Responsibility” in any area that falls under their marketing plan.  Hence, you will see Ahmadis giving blood, doing street cleanups and many other charitable type of works.  In America, this is a norm for all major corporations, as they cover-up all of their wranglings in society through what seems to be good works.  The other reason is that when something negatively does happen to Ahmadis, they will now have the opportunity to pivot to their perceived good works.  Interestingly enough, the KKK does many charitable works and even donated blood in the past.  

Case in point, we met an Ahmadi with the name of Shajar Iqbal.  He seems to live in India and was born and raised in Kashmir.  He recently wrote as follows:

The Ahmadi psyche
Ahmadis are sick people.  They have been brainwashed Ahmadis to worship the Mirza family and do whatever they ask.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad was vicious, in-fact, he radicalized most Ahmadis in the 1980’s.   He even publically called his opponents as dogs and celebrated the death of King Faisal, Zia and Bhutto.  Back on May 29th, 1974, he went missing during the Rabwah train attacks and never answered any questions about his whereabouts during the attack.

The Mirza family is to blame, the Lahori-Ahmadis are not like this.  This is the overwhelming proof.