Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah. He most likely worked with Zia Ul Haq, behind the scenes and got Ordinance XX passed. The proof is in his alleged escape through Karachi, Mirza Tahir Ahmad had inside information about this new law, in fact, this new law in 1984 led to mass immigration of Ahmadis from Pakistan and unleashed “radical-Ahmadis” upon the west, Germany, Canada, the UK and the USA. These Ahmadis would prove to be the most fanatical, since they made money only to give chanda, aka money for Mirza Tahir Ahmad. When Ahmadis attacked that train full of teenagers on May 31, 1974, Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his brother (the Khalifa) were totally missing, it is a mystery in terms of their whereabouts. They most likely planned the entire attack and purposely got themselves declared non-muslim. However, that wasn’t enough to drive Ahmadis out of Pakistan en-masse. I visited Rabwah, Pakistan in 1989, every Ahmadi that I met wanted to leave Pakistan, and go to Germany and make lots of money and then send the money home + give chanda.
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My commentary on this video
This video is being circulated widely in Ahmadiyya social media circles.  This is when the Ahmadiyya-mullah-leadership began saying that “there isn’t any strength in the entire world that can stop Ahmadiyya”.  In fact, this is what Ahmadis have believed since 1889.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad simply gave it shape.  My father, was one such Ahmadi…..he wanted to die for Ahmadiyya and until that moment, he was living his whole life for chanda payments to be delivered to the Mirza family.

Mirza Tahir Ahmad made Ahmadis fanatical, many times in his career, 1974 is one incident, and as Ahmadis were turned into a “chanda-machine”, that is additional proof.  Moreover, Ahmadis are freely operating in Rabwah, in fact, Tahir Heart Institute and other “Ahmadiyya” business endeavors are never bothered.  The Shezan company is still up and running and turning in good chanda money.
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