In 2017, Bashir Abdul Haqq created a video wherein he proved how the Nation of Islam was created based on Ahmadiyya books. They read Ahmadiyya books in the 1920’s and disagreed with many facets of Ahmadiyya dogma, however, they seem to have spun it and created their own sect of Ahmadiyya. Yes, I am calling the NOI a sect of Ahmadiyya. That makes them Sect #75, per Ahmadiyya ideology.

Nevertheless, in 2021, I bumped into Imam Bashir (the babyface imam) on facebook as Bashir Abdul Haqq, I thus got his number. He is really hard to get a hold of, which means, he isn’t very good at operating new technology. We eventually connected and he isn’t an Imam of the Ahmadiyya Movement at all. In fact, he has never even interviewed anywhere on the internet about being an Ahmadi, he seems to be a rogue. However, he gives allegiance to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in his ignorance. As I spoke to him, he didn’t seem to know who Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was, nor did he have definite knowledge on the Ahmadiyya Movement and the historicity of the alleged death of Eisa (as). After he heard my level of knowledge, he didn’t want to talk to me anymore and deferred. He had also mentioned my blog and how his video had been posted by me.
The video

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Commentary on this video

At 15:40, Warith Deen Muhammad, who was the son of Elijah Muhammad, he tells the truth about his fathers library. He explains how Ahmadiyya books were the majority of the library.

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