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In one of the most amazing setbacks in the history of the Ahmadiyya, the leadership has ordered a ban on Facebook. In fact, the ban appears to extend to all social networking activities. All accounts are to be deleted immediately. Mirza Masroor, the supreme spiritual head and it appears, Führer of the Ahmadiyya, delivered his edict in Germany, of all places, just two days after we exposed one of his rising and personally-approved stars as, well, a bit of a jack-the-lad really. With egg on his face, and realising that the Internet has damaged Ahmadiyya perhaps irreperably, His Holiness in a fit of pique threw out the baby with the bathwater. Surely the irony of a supreme leader claiming to be leader of a single undivided nation, banning free speech on a social network with “book” in its name couldn’t have been lost on at least some of the Ahmadis present?

The move beggars belief. Other than the obvious sign that the Ahmadiyya leadership, intellectually bankrupt, is on the run from the rational arguments that have shattered its cloistered, cultish worldview and logically incoherent theology all over the Internet, the clear signal here is that when a cult cannot control the discourse, it prevents its members from engaging in that discourse. When Ahmadis start to see the truth through these social networking sites (and surely, blogs, like these, like some of the Ahmadiyya propaganda sites also fall under that category) they begin to turn away from Ahmadiyya and towards freedom. The leadership can’t afford to lose its cash cows. One recent revert to Islam from Ahmadiyya was paying thousands of pounds a year in cult tax. He simply can’t believe how brainwashed he was.

Disingenuously, the Ahmadiyya mouthpiece and serial DMCA-filer Nasim Rehmatullah is taking questions on this latest astounding move. The first question is tellingly, why is the Ahmadiyya Organisation allowed to have its own Facebook page? The less than satisfactory answer is that it exists to counter anti-Ahmadiyya propaganda and that it can be accessed without an account. So wait, you are allowed to visit social networking sites, you just can’t use them. Please tell me if you can spot the flaw in that one. It appears that all Facebook accounts are equal, but that some are more equal than others.

I think the lady doth protest too much. Here is a man who filed multiple DMCA notices to have Youtube videos, which included quotations from “holy books” a century old removed for “copyright violations” (they were all reinstated, much to his chagrin). Here he is again, fronting an operation in which tens of thousands of Ahmadis the world over have effectively been cut off from the most important advance in the history of communications – social networking.

Rehmatullah’s reasoning suggests that Ahmadis are being banned from Facebook because they are not equipped to answer anything put to them. One has to search a little more carefully to find the real reason. Every social interaction of Ahmadis, or engagement with the real world, leaves them vulnerable to making the “saved sect” look anything but saved. It also leaves them vulnerable to the truth – there are the continued efforts of many Muslims to calmly rebut Ahmadiyya canards and present the truth, with no personal or collective agenda other than the betterment of the ordinary Ahmadi’s condition. The option is stark. If you want to use social networking, you’ll have to leave Ahmadiyya to do it.

The Ahmadiyya ban on Facebook extends to all “similar sites”. No Facebook. No Twitter. No LinkedIn. No nothing. Remember, YouTube is a social networking site – will the Führer ban that too? The Ahmadiyya has basically shut down all free speech within its movement. Nobody is allowed to say anything to anyone, to be anything, to have an existence on-line. One of Masroor’s reasons for banning Facebook and social networking is because “shameful things happen there”. Well, shameful things happen in bedrooms too, will he be banning those?

Muslims are free to use Facebook or any other social network as they see fit. There isn’t, and  probably never will be a centrally controlled singular Facebook group for Islam or Muslims. The Ahmadiyya move is the most retrograde and extremist attack on the free speech of people anywhere in the world. Even the Saudis haven’t banned Facebook. Even the Taliban use Twitter! Let’s be clear, this move by the Ahmadiyya is the biggest infringement on civil liberties ever made by a cult that has the brazen temerity, the Orwellian gall to boast “Freedom” on its bus adverts, paid for out of the pockets of its victims. It is rank extremism and needs to be declared as such by every clear thinking person in Britain today.

Ahmadiyya is an extremist cult that pretends to be cuddly. Some well-meaning people in parliamentary circles have been temporarily fooled by this shallow front. The police and certain councillors in South London have not and the sooner everyone wakes up to the routine deception of the Ahmadiyya, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, the better.
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