As we all know, MGA worked with the British govt. and vice versa, his entire family was above the law in British India.  Nonetheless, at times he gave off the impression that he hated this government, however, in secret, he held this secret for many years, as he continued to flatter all government officials.


Summary of the evidence

Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani in his book “mawahibur rehman” (1903) writes that I am an appointed prophet and a prophet has no fear in his assigned duty. Whereas in real life he was absolutely contrary to this claim. Any body can judge the fact from this:-

Once he was having a morning walk with his CLOSE AIDES, he informed them of Ilham he received on the way. The Ilham was :- “THE BRITISH EMPIRE WILL REMAIN FOR 7 YEARS AND AFTER THAT IT WILL BE WEAK AND ANARCHY” One of these aides, Molvi Hamid Ali, used to visit Molvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi for debate. Once while describing Mirza,s Ilham , he proudly told Molvi sb of this latest Ilham of, “end of British govt in 7 years,

Molvi Muhammad Hussain published this Ilham of Mirza in the next edition of his magazine Ishaatuss sunnah. Mirza Qadiyani got disturbed and worried to know all this, since he has not got this Ilham published for the fear of displeasure of his masters.
He immediately wrote a booklet “Kashful Ghita” to clarify his position. On the title page of this booklet mirza qadiyani worte following full of flattery appeal to the govt.
” I would most humbly appeal to the govt to kindly, for the sake of Her Majesty Queen of India that only once read this book from start to end. Mirza Qadiyani has vehemently to have received or publish this Ilham.

However, the Ilham failed and after 25 years Mirza Bashir Ahmad the able son of Mirza Qadiyani has leaked this secret in his book SEERATUL MAHDI PART-1 PAGES 66-69. Scan of Seeratul Mahdi and pages from book Raees e Qadiyani are attached.

The scan from Tadkirah