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The entire Mirza family was above the law in British-India

I have written about this before.  The Mirza family was above the law in British-India.  The British never allowed for justice.  They called the rich people as innocent and declared the poor as guilty.  In-fact, in British-India, Indians couldnt ride in the same train-cars as Britishers.

I am posting a quote from Seeratul Mahdi, wherein it is stated that:

The quote
(218) stated to me by Mirza Sultan Ahmed thru Molvi Rahim Bakhsh MA that once when Davis sb was the district Administrative Officer, and his staff was stationed at Batala, one of the residents of Qadiyan who happened to be a hindu brahman and employed in district administration as patwari, had misbehaved with Taya jan ie Mirza Abdul Qadir, Taya sb immediately punished him physically . Matter was brought to the notice of sir Davis who imposed a sum of Rs 100.00 . Dada (the father of MGA) was in Amritsar at that time when He came to know of it he went to Egerton sb and informed him of the situation. Egerton sb exonerated Taya sahab without calling the case file on the basis of the statement.

The scan work

The British government was corrupt.  And they favored MGA’s entire family.  This is additional proof.  We have more here:

The Mirza family was above the law in British-India


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad ran free in British-India, he was untouchable.  All of the judges in the Punjaab knew Mirza Ghulam Ahmad personally and knew his entire family.  Mirza Ghulam Ahmad knew this and he kept pushing the limits of human decency since he knew that the British courts would never find him guilty of anything.

The evidence

From Life of Ahmad by Dard, page 17:

“””General Nicholson gave Ghulam Qadir a certificate, stating that in 1857 the Qadian family showed greater loyalty than any other in the district.””””

Who is General Nicholson?
“””Nicholson was best known for his role in the Indian Mutiny, planning and leading the Storming of Delhi. Famously dismissive of the incompetence of his superiors, he said, upon hearing of Colonel (later General Sir) Archdale Wilson’s hesitancy while on his deathbed, “Thank God I have yet the strength to shoot him, if necessary”. One famous story recounted by Charles Allen in Soldier Sahibs is of a night during the Rebellion when Nicholson strode into the British mess tent at Jullunder, coughed to attract the attention of the officers, then said, “I am sorry, gentlemen, to have kept you waiting for your dinner, but I have been hanging your cooks.” He had been told that the regimental chefs had poisoned the soup with aconite. When they refused to taste it for him, he force fed it to a monkey – and when it expired on the spot, he proceeded to hang the cooks from a nearby tree without a trial.””” (see Charles Allen, Soldier-Sahibs: The Men who made the North-West Frontier, London: Abacus/Time Warner Books UK, 2002 ed, various references between pp. 2-328).

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his cousin ran around British-India breaking the law with impunity (1861)
There is the famous pension story, wherein MGA and his cousin ran off with their families money and spent it frivolously, MGA then admits that when they ran out of money, his cousin robbed some people….however, the British government looked the other way and forgave them. This was the very first instance of MGA and his family getting special treatment.  However, it wouldn’t be the last.  MGA was sent to work in Sialkot after blowing his fathers money and worked there for 3-4 years as punishment for what he did.

Some additional evidence

See Dard, pg. 17 and 18:

On June the 11th, 1849, Mr. J. M. Wilson, Financial Commissioner, Lahore, wrote from Lahore to Mirza Ghulam Murtaza:

‘I have persued your application reminding me of you and your family’s past services and rights. I am well aware that since the introduction of the British Government you and your family have certainly remained devoted, faithful and steady subjects and that your rights are really worthy of regard. In every respect you may rest assured and satisfied that the British Government will never forget your family rights and services which will receive due consideration when a favourable opportunity offers itself. You must continue to be faithful and devoted subjects as in it lies the satisfaction of the Government as well as your own welfare.’

A favorable opportunity???
There are many more attestations of a similar thrust, feel free to read Dard and peruse the. Nonetheless, the favorable opporunity was MGA’s claim to prophethood and his harrassment of his brethren in British-India.  MGA went to attack Hindus, Christians, Muslims and Sikhs, and the British government allowed him to do as he wished.

The Post Office case
In 1877 or 1878, Ahmadas wrote an article against the Arya Samaj, and in support of the superiority of Islam over other religions. He sent the manuscript in a cover open at the ends to the Vakil Press at Amritsar at the rate prescribed for newspapers. This was allowed under section 12 of the Post Office Act 14 of 1866. But in this packet he also included a letter
addressed to the manager of the press containing instructions about the article. Sending a letter in a packet was against the post office regulations. The punishment, according to the Government of India notification No: 2442, dated December 7th, 1877 section 43, was a fine of Rs. 500 or even imprisonment for six months (section 56 of Act 14 of 1866). (see Dard, page 83).
My commentary on this post office case
MGA was blatantly guilty, however, the judge knew MGA from his time working in Sialkot as well as his fathers service to the Brits, in fact, MGA normally was given a chair to sit on in any British court, whereas the rest of his opponents were not.  MGA should have been fined or sent to prison, however, he was given neither.

In 1899, the British govt ordered MGA to stop doing Mubahila
In a famous story recorded in Dard, see pages 617-620.  MGA was never properly investigated for the murder of Lekh Ram, and their is the famous story of Abdul Hamid, who claimed that MGA sent him to murder Dr. Clark.  MGA operated with impunity.  Nonetheless, in an outward show, the British govt. forced MGA to sign a petition promising that he would stop doing those stupid Mubahila challenges.

By 1902, the British govt forgot
MGA started doing Mubahila overseas..he attacked Dowie and Piggot and lied about all of those engagements.

1904, Karam Din Case
This is a case that Ahmadis will never fully disclose.  MGA was charged for defamation, however, its unclear how, and MGA lost the case….this was the only case that he ever lost. However, the data is hidden.  MGA was supposed to be arrested and taken into custody….however, the courts refused and MGA ended up beating the case on appeal.  Very fishy indeed.

Sanaullah in 1907, Dr. Khan in 1906
He started doing Mubahila again and the British Govt never said a word.

MGA and his family operated with impunity in British-India.  This is how he was able to spread his teams writings and beat cases wherein he was clearly guilty.

Mirza Basheer uddin Mahmud Ahmad was poisoned as a child, then had many mental issues

MGA’s eldest living son from his second wife has lots of issues as a child.  He was Bashir-2 and MGA was afraid that he was also going to die, thus he (and his team) masked the famous “Promised-Son-Prophecy”.  MGA was embarrassed when Bashir-1 died and made lots of excuses.  Thus, they were purposely unclear in terms of what child was the Promised Son, they even wrote that it might be Mirza Mubarak Ahmad, however, he died at age 7 in 1907.  Interestingly enough, Muhammad (Saw) progeny was cut-off by Allah, thus ending the cycle of prophets on planet Earth.  In the below, we prove that Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was a sick person, just like his father, yet he was privileged and allowed to do as he wished.  He most likely had brain damage from being given opium as a child as well as being poisoned with dirty breast milk.  

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was given pure opium by MGA as a child

    “During my childhood, he (Mirza Ghulam) gave me OPIUM for sickness. Gave it to me for six months continuously.”

Statement of Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmood, Khalifa Qadian, Minhaj-ul-Talibeen, p.74.

A new book published by tells us more
In a new published by Ahmadiyya INC, they tell us of another story.

See here:
The Promised Son
Written by Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry
First published in the UK, 2017
© Islam International Publications Ltd.
Published by:
Islam International Publications Ltd.
Islamabad, Sheephatch Lane
Tilford, Surrey GU10 2AQ, UK

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was poisoned from breast milk? 
See page 8:

“””Hazrat Mirza Bashir-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad ra was born on 12 January 1889 around 10 o’clock in the evening. He was lovingly nicknamed Mian by his parents. In those times it was customary for a maid to be employed to look after a child. The maid who was appointed to look after him had been very ill but she had not told anyone. Eight of her children had already passed away due to an illness they contracted through her breast milk. The maid, without seeking permission from the parents, gave some of her milk to Mian Mahmud ra. This led to the illnesses infecting the blood of Mian Mahmud ra. From the age of 2 to 12 Mian Mahmud ra remained very ill. Sometimes he would get a fever, while at other times he would suffer from coughing fits. The doctors said that it was unlikely that he would survive very long, but the doctors were not aware of Allah’s promise. Allah had promised that the chosen one would live for a long time and his fame would spread all over the world.

Mian Mahmud ra was a favourite of his parents, but they took his upbringing and discipline very seriously. The Promised Messiah as and his wife continuously strived to make him a model Muslim.””””

Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad was still married off at roughly 12-13, the 1902 era
He was then married off to a young bride.  He then failed his matriculation exam and was an embarrassment to Ahmadiyya.

In 1907 he was accused of immoral behavior with women

Were the mental issues heriditary?

He becomes the Khalifa in 1914 and immediately forcibly marries Noorudin’s daughter
Mirza Basheeruddin kept running wild, he was priviliged and above the law.  She ended up dying mysteriously, she had 3 children with the Khalifa, all of those children seem to be missing from the management of the Ahmadiyya Movement.  As soon as she died..the Khalifa immediately married again.  From roughly 1925, the Khalifa always kept 4 wives, when one would die, he would marry another.

Was his younger brother the promised reformer?

The 1930’s, homosexuality and etc

His agonizing death

When Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was ordered by the British Govt. to stop issuing death prophecies and stop calling people Kafir

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team were always writing about the death of their opponents.  In 1897, Lekh Ram was murdered, in the same year, a young man was sent to kill Dr. Clark, MGA beat both of the cases, since he was above the law in British-IndiaHowever, Batalvi continued to fight court cases vs. MGA.  In the early part of 1899, MGA was forced to sign an agreement wherein he would refrain from issuing his death-prophecies and etc, and he would not call people Kafir or Dajjal.  Dard wrote about this event briefly.

A translation of what MGA was forced to sign

The Urdu scans

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad feared the British Government

As we all know, MGA worked with the British govt. and vice versa, his entire family was above the law in British India.  Nonetheless, at times he gave off the impression that he hated this government, however, in secret, he held this secret for many years, as he continued to flatter all government officials.


Summary of the evidence

Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani in his book “mawahibur rehman” (1903) writes that I am an appointed prophet and a prophet has no fear in his assigned duty. Whereas in real life he was absolutely contrary to this claim. Any body can judge the fact from this:-

Once he was having a morning walk with his CLOSE AIDES, he informed them of Ilham he received on the way. The Ilham was :- “THE BRITISH EMPIRE WILL REMAIN FOR 7 YEARS AND AFTER THAT IT WILL BE WEAK AND ANARCHY” One of these aides, Molvi Hamid Ali, used to visit Molvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi for debate. Once while describing Mirza,s Ilham , he proudly told Molvi sb of this latest Ilham of, “end of British govt in 7 years,

Molvi Muhammad Hussain published this Ilham of Mirza in the next edition of his magazine Ishaatuss sunnah. Mirza Qadiyani got disturbed and worried to know all this, since he has not got this Ilham published for the fear of displeasure of his masters.
He immediately wrote a booklet “Kashful Ghita” to clarify his position. On the title page of this booklet mirza qadiyani worte following full of flattery appeal to the govt.
” I would most humbly appeal to the govt to kindly, for the sake of Her Majesty Queen of India that only once read this book from start to end. Mirza Qadiyani has vehemently to have received or publish this Ilham.

However, the Ilham failed and after 25 years Mirza Bashir Ahmad the able son of Mirza Qadiyani has leaked this secret in his book SEERATUL MAHDI PART-1 PAGES 66-69. Scan of Seeratul Mahdi and pages from book Raees e Qadiyani are attached.

The scan from Tadkirah

The British Government allowed Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to operate Tax_free

As we all know, the entire Mirza Family was above the law in British-India.  Around 1897-1898, MGA was reported to the local tax collectors as having received large amounts of money and to have avoided paying tax.  It seems that there was a Hindu who was raising all of these issues vs. MGA

Life of Ahmad by Dard
You can read about this entire story in the Qadiani version of the Life of Ahmad.

See pages 595–598

The scans from Mujadid-e-Azim by Dr. Basharat Ahmad (Lahori-Ahmadi)


Dr Basharat Ahmad a Lahori Qadiyani in his book Mujaddid e Azam at page 578-579 has narrated accounts of Income tax case made against Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyni a summary of which is given below:

Opponents have complained to the govt that Mirza Qadiyani receives handsome amount of money from his followers on account of Chanda and do not pay tax, so why not this income should be brought under tax net.

So the total annual taxable income of Mirza Qadiayni from Chanda collection was determined at Rs.7200/- and payable tax for the year 1897 was calculated to the tune of Rs 187/- and 8 annas. Accordingly, a demand notice for payment of said amount was issued to Mirza Qadiyani by the Hindu Revenue Officer of the area who, according to author, was not only a jealous person but a dead enemy of Mirza qadiyani.

Mirza Qadiyani decided to file an appeal against the demand which needed the written accounts books. So khuwaja Jamaluddin and Molvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti were deputed to prepare such Accounting books. Meantime while having a review of these books Mirza said this Tehsildar (Revenue Officer) will be transferred and it did happen. A new officer,namely Mian Tajudddin sb (must be a qadiyani) became new Tehsildar of Batala.
The new Revenue Officer recorded the statement of Mirza qadiyani according to which he declared his annual income from Talluqa Dari, (no idea as to what does this mean) is Rs 82 and 10 annas, His land income is Rs 300/- approx, annual income from Fruit Farm is Rs 200 to Rs 500/- He further declared that he received about Rs 5000/- from followers this year and it was Rs 4000/- last year.

The new revenue officer wrote in his report that he has investigated the matter and enquired from local residents who claimed that annual income of Mirza Qadiyani is higher than his declarations but no body could produce any evidence.

Then the Tehsildar submitted the case to the Deputy Commissioner District Gurdaspur, Mr. T Dixon with his recommendations that annual income of Mirza do not comes under tax net therefore, tax may not be charged from him. Then the Deputy Commissioner decided that his income from follower is not taxable and the same is exempted from tax.

Mirza Nasir Ahmad was implicated in the Rabwah train attacks on June 2nd, 1974–Pakistan Times

The Pakistan Times of Tuesday, June 4th, 1974 reports that:

No One above The Law
Qadiani Chief associated with probe
“Mirza Nasir Ahmad, head of the Qadiani community, has been associated with the investigations in connection with the Rabwah incident, official sources said in Lahore on Monday night.  

The Crimes Branch, Punjab, is investigating into the incident.  

The sources said a stage had been reached where the authorities felt if would be necessary to associate Mirza Nasir with the case.  The Government feels that no one is above the law—APP.””” 

The scan work

Aziz Ahmad Qadiani was an Ahmadi and a Murderer (1937), but the Khalifa still led his funeral prayer

I recently had the Irish-Ahmadi-Mullah, Ibrahim Noonan respond to one of my essays wherein I reported on some Ahmadis in Germany as they killed their daughter in an honor killing in 2015. The Mullah, Ibrahim Noonan commented that these Ahmadis were Ex-Ahmadis and made other derogatory remarks towards Ex-Ahmadis.  However, these people are not Ex-Ahmadis, they were Ahmadis upto the day wherein they killed their daughter, the Khalifa hasn’t even issued any public statement of ex-communication.  Further, even if the Khalifa has ex-communicated these people, it has been in a silent format, so as to hide the story.  If this is the case, we would be happy to read the inside report, however, Noonan will never provide it.

Further, it is important to mention here that in 1937, a Aziz Ahmad Qadiani murdered Fakhr-uddin Multani (who was an ex-Ahmadi and wounded another ex-Ahmadi, Bashir Masri).  The Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad was supposed to be arrested for inciting a murder, however, since the Mirza family was always above the law in British-India, he was granted respite.  Nonetheless, Aziz Ahmad Qadiani was given the death penalty by the British Government.  After he was executed, his body was transported to Qadian and the Khalifa gave him a special Janaza Prayer.  So…..with this fact being brought up…Noonan’s line of argumentation has collapsed.  Finally, all Ahmadiyya records have erased this entire event.  Its not in their “Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya” or any literature on any of their websites.  This proves the deception of the Mirza family.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s court cases

We all know that MGA and his family were above the law in British-India.  They could do no wrong in the eyes of the British.  MGA always got a chair in court, whereas his opponents were made to stand.  The British even gave MGA’s father a hefty pension for fighting and killing Muslims in the 1857 war of independence.  Nonetheless, there is an entry in Seeratul Mahdi wherein Mirza Bashir Ahmad briefly explains the court cases of MGA.  The most important one was the Karam-din case of defamation.

The scan-work

(242) This humble self (Mirza Bashir Ahmad MA states that hazrat Masih e Moud had to face 6 court cases by the opponents as under:-
Criminal =4 cases Civil=1 case Financial =1 case.
Hazrart Masih e Moud remained successful in all these cases by the grace of Allah and revelations in this regard. These cases exclude the cases of family property.
(1) This is the first case that was Filed by Postal Department on the information of A christian lawyer Babu Rulya Ram of Amritsar. This is the oldest case which was filed even before the publication of Braheen Ahmadiya perhaps it was filed in 1877. Hazarat sb has mentioned this case at many places but it has been mentioned in detail in the letter, hazrat sb wrote after his ex communication by Molvi Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and published in Aina Kamalat e Islam.
(2) This is the most dangerous murder case filed by christian priest Martin Clark against Hazrat sb. Initially it came under hearing on Ist August 1897 in the court of E Martino Deputy Commissioner Amritsar. Finally He was exonerated from the court of M Douglas Deputy Commissioner Gurdaspur on 23 august 1897. Detail of this case is given in Kitab ul bariyya.
(3) This case registered against him for maintenance of Public Law keeping Arms and Ammunition under section 107 of criminal procedure code. The court of Mr dowie Deputy Commissioner Gurdaspur exonerated hazrat sb being bailable offence on 24 february 1899. The case was filed on the application of Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi and on the report of in-charge Police station Batala on Ist December 1898. Detail published in AlHakam March 1899.
(4) its a long and most painful criminal case filed against hazrat sb by Karam Din resident of Bhen District Jehlum. Proceeding started in Jehlum and then this case was shifted to Gurdaspur. The case was finally decided on 7 January 1905 by session Judge Amritsar Mr. A E Hari whereby hazrat sb was exonerated. The sub ordinate court of Mr Atma Ram Magistrate class-I Gurdaspur decided the case on 8 Oct 1904. Detail of this case has been published in AlHakam news paper. In fact this case had two aspects.
(5) This case was filed by Mirza sb against Mirza Imamuddin etc for constructing wall on 7 Jan 1900 to block the way to Masjid Mubarak. Case was decided in favour of hazrat sb by the Court of Shaikh Khuda Bakhsh District Judge Gurdaspur on 12 Aug 1901 and the wall was demolished on 20 Aug 1901. The detail of case is in Alhakam and Haqiqtul wahi.
(6) This Income Tax case was decided by the court of Mr T Dixon Deputy Commissioner District Gurdaspur on 17 Dec 1897 it was held income tax is not leviable on Mirza sb.

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