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"above the law"

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad called the British-Government as the Khalifa of all the Muslims (1902)

In the english-ROR of February 1902, Muhammad Ali (the editor of the ROR) seems to have written an essay entitled, “Religious controversies and our position in them”. In this essay, Muhammad Ali endorsed MGA’s views on Jihad, he admitted that the first bait form contained a condition which forced Ahmadi’s to be loyal to the British government (which was changed later in 1906), and that MGA and all Ahmadi’s considered the British government as the Khalifa of Muslims, and indirectly denied the Khilafat of the Ottoman Empire.

We believe that MGA ordered Muhammad Ali to write this.
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Who is Mirza Ghulam Jilani?

Mirza Ghulam Jilani was getting pension money also. His father’s name is Mirza Tasadduq Jilani, he was the cousin of MGA’s grandfather (Mirza Gul Muhammad). He was an uncle of MGA, in fact, he is the 2nd-cousin of MGA’s father, and thus, MGA’s uncle (cha cha or thia, its unclear).

Per Ahmadiyya sources, he sued MGA’s father and appealed to the British government in 1865, this culminated in the famous 1865 settlement (See Dard). In the famous Punjab Chiefs (1865 edition), Mirza Ghulam Jilani is not listed by name, he is called as a brother of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza. After 1865, Mirza Ghulam Jilani began receiving pension payments from the British Government. The full amount of pension for Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his brother-cousins was 700, it was 200 before then, in fact, when MGA went to go and pickup the pension money it was only 200. After 1865, MGA’s families cut of the pension went up to 350. Mirza Ghulam Jilani and the 2 widows of his brothers also got 280 rupees. Its unclear why the descendants of Mirza Tasadduq Jilani were getting pension. Maybe, they also helped the British during the mutiny of 1857. Mirza Ghulam Muhiyyuddin family and Mirza Ghulam Ghaus got the remaining 140 rupees it seems.

It’s unclear when he died, nevertheless, he was never heard from again, his descendants are unknown too.

Mirza Ghulam Murtaza died in 1876, after his death, Mirza Ghulam Ghaus and Mirza Ghulam Jilani sued the estate of Mirza Ghulam Murtaza and his son, Mirza Ghulam Qadir. This case seems to have last a few years. MGA’s Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya series came in this time frame. By 1883, Mirza Ghulam Qadir lost the case, it was a huge loss, he seems to have had a heart attack and died soon thereafter. By 1897, MGA admitted that his god would help in all of his worldly matters except those against his own family (collaterals), however, this was after Mirza Ghulam Qadir had already lost a huge portion of the estate. Per Dard, Mirza Ghulam Qadir didn’t give up the land, Mirza Sultan Ahmad (MGA’s eldest son) completed the transaction. Per Dard, Mirza Ghulam Murtaza owned all of the property and refused to share it with his 2nd cousins.

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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad admitted to be a self-planted-plant of British Colonialism

MGA and his entire family were above the law in British India, that much is for sure. MGA never lost any court case, even when he was clearly guilty, the British government would not allow it, the reason was because of MGA’s father and family, since they were loyal insiders of the British, they turned on the Sikhs for the British in 1848-1849 and helped the British kill many Indian soldiers who rebelled against the British government in 1857. By 1897-98, in MGA’s book, “Kitab ul Barriyya” in english as “The Acquittal”, MGA admits to being a seed of British colonialism. The quotes are in the below. The Qadiani-Ahmadi have never translated this book into english, its been over 120+ years, however, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s have done a partial translation and have purposely not translated this quote. Thus, in the below, we have re-produced an old reference to RK where this reference should be. It should be noted, in 1900-1901, MGA finally officially claimed prophethood, and he abrogated Jihad for the benefit of colonialism.
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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father never read Salaat in his entire life

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad grew up in a very irreligious household. His father Mirza Ghulam Murtaza never read prayers in his life, likewise, none of his sons read salaat either. There was no mosque in Qadian until 1876, wherein MGA’s father died that same year. In fact, when MGA’s eldest brother got married, they arranged for 22 dancing girls to be brought to Qadian to entertain their guests. In the quote in the below, we have the proof, from MGA’s eldest son, who knew his grandfather intimately, in fact, his grandfather raised him, he wouldnt let MGA teach him anything. Co-incidentally, MGA never led prayers in his life, nor did he ever deliver a Khutbah Juma. As a kid, MGA never went to any masjid and never prayed in congregation.

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MGA’s father was a crook
Adapted from The Review of Religions, April 1939, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 4

Forefathers of the Promised Messiah(as)

“””Once in a dream Mirza Ghulam Murtaza saw the Holy Prophet(saw) coming in state to his house. He ran to receive the Holy Prophet(saw) and thought of offering Nazar, an Eastern  form  of  homage  similar to the oblation of gold, frank incense, and myrrh, offered to Christ by the Wise Men of the East. When, however, he put his hand into his pocket, he found that he had only one rupee and that it was a counterfeit coin. This brought tears in his eyes and then he woke up. This he interpreted to mean that the love of God and His Prophet(saw), mixed with the love of this world, is nothing better than a false coin.”””

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Sir Lepel H. Griffin (1865), The Panjab Chiefs, Online: pp.381-2

Prophecy about Muhammadi Begum – the truth!


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Zafrullah Khan’s career defending Ahmadiyya started in 1921, as he visited Rufus Isaacs, the Governor-General of India

The Ahmadiyya Movement has always been pro-British, since MGA was always pro-British. In June of 1921, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa sent a delegation of Ahmadi’s to Simla to schmooze the Governor-General of India, The Earl of Reading, Rufus Daniel Isaacs, 1st Marquess of ReadingGCBGCSIGCIEGCVOPC (10 October 1860 – 30 December 1935). This would be Zafrullah Khan’s first time working with the British via Ahmadiyya, but not his last.
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Who is Brigadier General Waqiuz Zaman?

We have covered the many Ahmadi’s who have made the rank of General in the Pakistani military many times. However, the list keeps growing, we have found another one, Brigadier General Waqiuz Zaman. In 1954, after his first wife died, he re-married and was given a grand-daughter of MGA, Amatul Majeed (daughter of Mirza Bashir Ahmad). In 1947, he was listed in the famous list of 199 Ahmadi-officers as #96, Captain Waqiuz Zaman. In 1948, he was an Major in the British Army and was one of the Ahmadi officer’s in-charge of the Furqan Force. He seems to have made it all the way up to Brigadier General and then retired. In 1984, he was part of the caravan that helped Mirza Tahir Ahmad escape from Pakistan. Brig. Waqiuz Zaman sahib, Chaudhry Hamid Nasrullah sahib and Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s two youngest daughters arrived at the airport about half an hour before Mirza Tahir Ahmad and his wife, Asifa Begum.
He goes missing after that. His name is also spelled as Brigadier Muhammad WaqiuZamman Khan. In 1994, he visited England and his daughter.

His children
He had 2 daughters only:

1—Sajida Hameed (1947 to 1998, died at age 47, see page 52). She had a daughter named Munavara Ghauri, living in Salisbury, UK as of 2016. This child was from his first marriage with Qanita Khan (she died in 1954). Sajida married Dr. Hameed Ahmad Khan, the son of Abdul Majeed Khan Sahib and Malka Khanum Sahiba, in February 1969. The young couple then settled in Hartlepool, Northern England in 1971. Sajida was an intellectual. Before marriage she had achieved a Double Masters Degree in English, which was a rarity for the girls in her family of that era.


The famous Ahmadi Generals
The first ever Ahmadi General was General Nazir Ahmad (1947), he was mentioned in the famous list of 199 Ahmadi officers that was presented to the boundary commission in 1947. Colonel Mirza Daud Ahmad was also mentioned in the list, he is a grandson of MGA. After him came General Abdul Ali Malik and General Akhtar Hussain Malik (these 2 are brothers), Zafar Ahmad Chaudhry, Major General Iftikhar Janjua, Major General Ijaz Amjad, Brigadier General Ijaz Ahmad Khan, the Lahori-Ahmadi Major General Abdul Saeed Khan, and we are still adding to the list. There were also those were super trusted by the colonist back in 1947, they were Major Malik Habib-ullah (who died at the age of a 100) (from Dhulmial), Captain Nizam ud Din (he was the father of Brigadier General Mohammad Iqbal Khan) and Captain Umar Hayat (father of Commander Yousaf), Major-General Nasir Ahmad Chaudhry is another. In terms of Medical Doctors, Dr. Major Shah Nawaz, Commander Dr. Abdul Latif (ww-2 era) were some of the first. During Zia’s era, Lt-Gen Mahmood-ul-Hassan and his protege Major General Dr. Mahmood ul Hassan Noori who was probably the last Qadiani to make it to the rank of General.

Famous Ahmadi officer’s who almost made General
Major Syed Maqbool Ahmad was a colleague of Zia and one of the founders of ISI.

Nasir Ahmad Faruqi (a Lahori-Ahmadi)
He was the principal secretary for Ayub Khan from 1959 to 1969 as well as Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan for the 1965 election, which was totally rigged. The elections in Pakistan were under his control in 1970 also.

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Brief Life Sketch of Chaudhry Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan

Brief Life Sketch of Chaudhry Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan

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Per Ahmadiyya sources, in July of 1947, there were 199 Ahmadi officers serving in the British-military

Ahmadi’s had always been favored by the British government, since 1889. In fact, MGA was above the law in British-India. As WW-2 broke out, the British were desperate, the Japanese had taken Burma by the end of 1942 and had cut off all supply routes East of Burma. In 1941, an Ahmady Company was created by the British, MGA’s grandson was made a Colonel by the British without any prior military experience. His father, Mirza Sharif Ahmad was also in this company, however, we are unclear what his rank was, in 1947, per Ahmadiyya sources, he was still a Lieutenant. In the below, we have posted for the first time ever on the internet the official report that Ahmadi’s had presented to the boundary commission. On this list there are 199 Ahmadi officers that were listed. This doesn’t include the Ahmadi’s who were serving as “enlisted”. However, Qasmi tells us that the list shold have been 177 Ahmadi officers. In 1947, Zafrullah Khan presented a list of 177 Ahmadi’s (see Qasmi, pages 45-46) who served as officers in the British military to the Boundary Commission. The list of Ahmadi officers was published in the daily Azad of May 9th, 1950. General Nazir Ahmad, yet another Ahmadi General, is said to have tried to stage a coup, he was a relative of Zafrullah Khan. Later, in 1953, while in court, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa claimed that he couldn’t remember the exact number of Ahmadi’s in the Pakistani military as officers, however, he did claim that 1-2% of the Army were Ahmadi officers, 5% of the Air Force and 1% of the Navy (see Qasmi, page 46). Nevertheless, as you can see in this report, the Khalifa ordered that Ahmadi’s get registered as non-Muslim, which caused the losses of Gurdaspur and Kashmir. Further, Bashir Ahmad Orchard, the first ever Irish-Imam of the Ahmadiyya movement, he served with the Ahmady company in Burma in 1941, that was what prompted him to join Ahmadiyya, since Ahmadi’s were the most trusted group of Indian’s, per the British. Bashir Ahmad Orchard mentions how an Ahmadi Seargent, Abdul Rahman Dehlvi convinced him to visit Qadian, which he did by 1944-1945.
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Was sister Mubarika Malik the first female Ahmadi to run for U.S. Congress? #100YearMovement

As Ahmadi’s are celebrating their 100th anniversary in the USA, #100YearMovement. Ironically, they are proudly showing a picture of a female Ahmadi woman who seems to have met U.S. President Gerald Ford in 1974. She seems to have been a congressional candidate for Wisconsin’s 5th district. There is nothing on google about this. Ahmadiyya sources tell us her name was Mubarika Malik. However, we do know that currently, Ahmadi women are not serving any political office in the entire world, in fact, the current Khalifa as strictly told Ahmadi women to not run for office in a roundabout way. As we all know, Ahmadiyya is a political organization with lots of British and US support. In 1931, they opposed Dogra rule in Kashmir and organized boycotts and riots, and with British support. By 1948, they were asked to setup a government for Azad Kashmir by the British and they had an Ahmadi, Ghulam Nabi Glikar to become president/prime minister. The British government took Ahmadiyya all throughout its colonies and gave them government funding to create schools and hospitals, by 1966, an Ahmadi was made as Governor-General of the Gambia. It is also rumored that Zia ul Haq was an Ahmadi..since as soon as he came to power, he allowed Ahmadi’s to pose as Muslim’s again.


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Mirza Ghulam Ahmad told Indians to pray for the success of the British Government (1897)

In 1897, June 20 and 21, were declared to be the dates on which the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria was to be celebrated through out India. MGA issued a leaflet on June 7, 1897, asking his followers to reach Qadian before June 20 for this purpose.  Many years later, the report of this Jalsa were published in book form as part of the Ruhani Khuzain collection.  It was called as “Jalsa-e-Ahbab” or in english as “A Gathering of Friends” (as translated in Hidden Treaures).  It covers 37 pages in Urdu and was printed at the Diya’ul-Islam Press, Qadian, however, the first copy (edition) is missing from the records.

Content? (from Hidden Treasures)
The book gives particulars of the gathering, which was held in Qadian.  In response to his call, 225 Ahmadis gathered at Qadian on June 19, 1897, from distant parts of India. Meetings were held on June 20, and lectures were delivered in six languages, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, English, Punjabi and Pashto. The speakers included Hadrat Maulavi Hakim Nur-ud-Din, Maulavi ‘Abdul Karim, Maulavi Burhan-ud-Din of Jhelum and Maulavi Jamal-ud-Din. A congratulatory telegram was sent to Lord Elgin, the Viceroy of India, on June 20, 1897. Prayers were offered and the poor of the town were fed throughout June 20-22, and a feast was held on the June 21. Streets, mosques and houses were illuminated on evening of June 22. In short, this blessed gathering continued from June 20 to June 22, 1897 and it was organized with a joint contribution from the followers of the Jama‘at.


“The True way of celebrating Eid is to pray for the British Government success”

“”…………………………… Even Hakeem nooruddin is quoted by Mirza Qadyani to say that “We are so much indebted by the benefits of this British Government on us Muslims and by our Qur’an it is obligatory by Our obedience to this government and our self sacrifices. Does any one exist in this world that by their religion they can fulfill the rights of Government of British from their faithful hearts and from their Good intentions……………………..”

(As written by Mirza Qadyani on moment of Eid in his book Quoted in Roohani khazyian 15- Page 596 – chapter : Roodad jalsa dua )

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