Ahmadi trolls are taught to lie by their mullahs, and they thus do so. They run around the internet and other areas totting these false arguments. I recently came across a half-quote from ahmadiyya troll-sters in terms of Ibn Taymiyya, in this quote, Ahmadi trolls are trying to assert that even Ibn Taymiyya believed that esa (As) died, however, this is a lie by Ahmadis.

The true beliefs of Ibn Taymiyya
Ibn Taymiyya stated that Surah Al ‘Imran: 55 indicates that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) did not die, but most likely experienced a kind of “sleep death.” He then wrote: This verse is proof that the death of Jesus (pbuh) is not being referred to… The word al-tawaffi [the infinitive form of the word mutawafeeka used] in the verse requires the death of the soul without that of the body, or of both, but with the existence of another piece of evidence explaining the circumstances in this sense. The meaning may be the death of sleep (as in Surat al-An’am:60). The words at the end of the verse, to the effect that: “I shall separate you purified from the unbelievers,” are also along these lines. Had Jesus’ (pbuh) body been separated from his soul, then his body would be in the ground, as with the other prophets. (Imam Ibn Taymiyya, Majmu’ Fatawa (The Collected Fatwas), trans. by Abdurrahman ibn Muhammad ibn Qasim al-Asimi an-Najdi, (Riyadh: 1991), 4:322-23. (emphasis added by the author)


Ibn Taymiyya also says, “Al-tawaffa in the Arabic language means: to exact fully or take in full. It takes three forms; the first: to take in sleep; the second: to take in death; and the third: to take the body and soul all together.” (Al-Jawab Al-Sahih 2/83)

Imam Ibn Taymiyya opined: The verse “He raised him to His Presence” … explains that Jesus (pbuh) was raised in both body and soul. (Imam Ibn Taymiyya, Majmu’ Fatawa, trans. by Abdurrahman ibn Muhammad ibn Qasim al-Asimi an-Najdi, 4:323)
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