I have written detailed entries on Mir Nasir Nawab, feel free to read those. In this entry, we have found some poetry that Mir Nasir Nawab wrote vs. MGA. Mir Nasir Nawab was MGA’s father-in-law. He rejected MGA’s claims in 1891. He was so harsh towards Mirza that he compiled defamatory poetry against Him and sent it to Molana Muhammad Hussain Batalvi for publication in his magazine Ishaat-us-sunnah. Mir Nasir declared Mgaq as the Muselima Kazzab of the time. However, just a year later, he seems to have accepted MGA’s claims at Qadian. A friend of this blog recently read out this poetry on Aaqa ka Ghulam (youtube page), at the 2:17:24 mark.

See the Urdu poetry of Mir Nasir Nawab against MGAQ. I have attempted a raw translation for my english speaking friends as under:-

“””Listen to my submissions o muslims
There does not exist piety in the world.

Peoples are active in deception today
The world is full of this menace today.

Making Mureed is only for wealth today 
This is the wrath of Allah on world today

Every moment they are in search of riches.
To avail the opportunity of making money.

If a chance of earning comes to hand
All Grievances are removed at once.

All debts would be paid and settled
If money comes from Zakat and sadaqat,

No matter it is the money of orphans and widows
Or the wealth may belongs to prostitutes .

They would not bother to investigate the source
They are in deep sickness of wealth lust.

The advertisements of publishing books
The source they earn money from simple fellows

Receive money in advance for service of islam
money is eaten up without any service of islam

Whoever asks for his money back 
Is the biggest accursed

As if He paid money 
to buy defamation

He is right who ate up money
No harm reaches to his piety.

Badmash became most pious 
Yesterdays Muselima became ahmad

Essa of time became dajjal 
Has Spread his net every where

How to earn money 
All the time making plans

Swallow money as much as possible
Showing the world a new trick for this

They are rich themselves but accept zakat
Don,t have any connection with religion

Acquired knowledge to earn money
Eat wealth in place of food

Write and fill the book with self praise
Verses of Quraan are like their dreams

Break hundreds of promises
But do not stop tall claims. “””

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