Ahmadis are desperately altering texts, conducting academic dishonesty, presenting false translations, and openly lying and never admitting to facts and never answering the pertinent questions in any topic.

MGA and Muhammad Ali quoted Imam Malik in terms of Esa (As)
At some point in MGA’s career, he seems to have quoted Imam Malik, Muhammad Ali used the same quote later on.  Nonetheless the quote is posted in the below:

“While most people believe that Jesus (As) did not die, Malik said that he died.”
See (Majma’ Bihar al-Anwar, vol. i, p. 286).

What is this book Majma Bihar al-Anwar?  Imam Malik didnt write it!!!!
Imam Malik never wrote about Esa (As), the Mahdi, or anything of this nature.  He wrote his famous hadith collection, and nothing was mentioned on any of these topics.  We have no idea where Ahmadis got this book from, its a total mystery.

What if Imam Malik believed that Esa (As) died at age 33 and would still physically return?
Ahmadi troll-sters dont understand one simple fact, that is, some Muslims have believed that Esa (as) died at age 33, and was physically lifted towards Allah (in heaven), and will physically return.  What if?  Well…this is what some Muslims believed.  We dont know what Imam Malik believed, we need to see this Tafsir book and double check its contents.

Did Imam Malik believe that Esa (As) lived to age 120 and died in India? 
So again, these Ahmadi troll-sters are a band of brainwashed robots.  They dont realize that NO muslims ever in the history of Islam, ever believed that Esa (As) lived 90 additional years after the event of crucifixtion and then died in India.  As a result of this, Ahmadis have no right in quoting them.