Mirza Tahir Ahmad was a vicious mullah.  He spent his whole life conditioning Ahmadis to be ready to give their lives for him and his family.  This speech seems to be from the 1980’s, Mirza Tahir ahmad was responding to Muslim-Imams in Pakisan as they laughed at the idea of a Khalifa living on asylum and claiming to represent Islam.  Well, Mirza Tahir Ahmad boasted that all Ahmadis would readily give up their lives just on an order by their Khalifa.  He has thus proved that Ahmadis are just as fanatical as the people who follow ISIS, or North Koreans.

Razi from Ahmadi answers posted this video
I found this video on Razi’s youtube page.  Razi is another one of those fanatical Ahmadis, on error he posted this video, Im sure he will delete it soon.

My father
My father was a fanatical Ahmadi. He was ready to sell all of his property in the USA and move anywhere the Khalifa ordered, he was also willing to sacrifice his life for the Mirza family, and the life of his children.  In fact, he spent his whole life working for and collecting money and converts for the Mirza family.