There are a billion and 1 people in the muslim world who know what the Ahmadis really are and are therefore critical towards the Ahmadis. Major Muslim and non-muslim countries, like Indonesia, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Tunesia, belarus etc. have even banned or rightfully restricted the activities of this sect.

The Ahmadis of course use this fact and play the victim in western countries to gain sympathies.

In the west most people are just ignorant to what the Ahmadis are and just don’t care about them and if there are critics in western countries, then they are mostly former Ahmadis, and the Ahmadis just brush off their criticism as cries of former ahmadis who were thrown out of the sect.

It is therefore interesting to know a couple of contemporary Western Non-Pakistan/Muslim Origin critics of the Ahmadiyya who not just follow blindly the cheap talk of Love and Peace the Ahmadis spread and who have seen through the Ahmadiyya scheems.

I’d like to present you two such individuals from Canada BC.

One is Vancouver Sun journalist Douglas Todd, who has written a few interesting articles about the Ahmadis in which he rightly points out:

“… I receive more emails and news releases from the Ahmadiyya Muslims than I do from the rest of Canada’s roughly one million Muslims combined.”

“There are fewer than 25,000 Ahmadi in Canada. Many of them are refugees from Pakistan. Ahmadi Muslims represent about one per cent of all the world’s Muslims; most live in South Asia and Africa.”

“The Ahmadi hold many beliefs far outside mainstream Islam, including to the idea the messiah has already come. They’re also convinced Jesus died in Kashmir, in the Himalayas.”

**”Why is this small Muslim sect getting so much attention?

Mostly because their leaders are very quick at sending out news releases…”**

“And, in effect, when the Ahmadiyya condemn violence in the name of Islam, they are criticizing other Muslims, particularly that of Sunnis, not themselves.”

You can read the full article here:

You can contact him via email:

A second example is SFU Islamic specialist Derryl MacLean.

He has written about the Ahmadis in Asian Religions in B.C. (UBC Press). And here are some of his quotes:

“SFU Islamic specialist Derryl MacLean says the Ahmadi are part of an “organized, bureaucratic, hierarchical and authoritarian movement.””

“much of their organization and ideology revolve around the proselytization of Muslims and non-Muslims. This involves quite modern, evangelical methods.”

“Unlike most Muslims in Canada, MacLean writes: “The Ahmadis seek to monopolize the representation of the Muslim (community) in their own sectarian events,” at which he says Ahmadi speakers typically claim to personify the “Islamic” view.”