Ahmadiyya leadership is guilty of telling the world that Ahmadis are the best people.  They boast and claim that Ahmadis have never committed acts of terrorism (which is a lie) and etc etc etc.  The truth is, Ahmadis are just as bad as the average desi-man, they are no different, they are just as ignorant and just as violent.  My team has intercepted a new report of Ahmadi’s from Florida who have recently been arrested for an illegal gambling operation.

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The report—the Waheed family

The Waheed clan is a highranking Ahmadiyya clan in Florida. Tariq Waheed is General Secretary and Secretary Ja’idad (Property) of the Orlanda Branch of this sect:


He and his Brother Aamir Waheed and his Wife Cheri Waheed were arrested in connection of an FBI operation targeting illegal Gambling in a operation known as “reveal the deal”.

Some background and readup:

Details in Court Papers:

Company Officers Name Role Title Address WAHEED, AAMIR officer President 2295 S HIAWASSEE RD SUITE 213 ORLANDO, FL 32835 POWELL, DONALD G officer Vice President 2035 SE 34TH STREET OCALA, FL 34471 WAHEED, AAMIR officer Secretary 2295 S HIAWASSEE RD SUITE 213 ORLANDO, FL 32835

The Ahmadiyya sect does not mind if their members operate in unislamic and illegal gambling business as long as they bring in cash for the sect.