In Ahmadiyya, their Jihad is to sell their religion like a product, thus Ahmadi’s have been radicalizedAhmadi’s are brainwashed to believe by the Mirza family that if anyone stops them from selling their religion, it is an infringement on human rights and the basic idea of religious freedom.  This is why and how Ahmadi’s cry persecution against all countries that stop Ahmadi’s from selling their product, i.e. that MGA was a prophet and the messiah.  Ahmadiyya offends everyone, even Pakistani-Christians.  Its not just Muslims who are offended.  Further, Ahmadi’s go out of their way to promote their religion and can’t be trusted in any democratic country, since they will be promoting Ahmadiyya issues above everything else.

Advertising Standards Authority assesses dozens of complaints over ‘Messiah has come’ billboards