We have written about this before.  Most Ahmadi clerics don’t understand Islam properly, they are brainwashed by an unaccredited institution, i.e. Jamia-Ahmadia.  Jamia Ahmadia passes whomever they wish, and they fail whomever they wish.  In a recent case, they gave full “imam” status to Ibrahim Noonan, who was a convert to Ahmadiyya about 20 years ago through a woman whom he eventually married and later divorced.  He hasn’t properly understood Islam and has terrible manners, he is basically a security guard who couldn’t find a job and turned to Ahmadiyya for employment.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad hired him immediately, since, Ahmadiyya INC needed an Irish Imam, since Bashir Ahmad Orchard had died in the 1980’s.  Ahmadiyya INC always looks to find a local in any country and promote him to Imam, this gives Ahmadiyya INC a local with whom they can better negotiate with local politicians.

The quote
“””Many of the foreign students did not finish the entire
curriculum, but they were dispatched as foreign missionaries to
their respective homelands. The Second Khalifahra acknowledged
this in my case and stated that, at my age, I would require more
than 8 years to master the Arabic language, let alone the 8 years to
complete the standard Jami‘ah missionary program.

The process at that time was that once a student was ready for
their missionary work, they were determined to be either domestic
or foreign missionaries. Domestic missionaries reported to the Sadr
Anjuman and foreign missionaries reported to the Wakil-e-Tabshir
of the Tehrik-e-Jadid Office. I was the latter and my salary of 50
rupees per month was paid out of the Tehrik-e-Jadid Office.
In fact, none of the foreign missionaries during my enrollment
in Jami‘ah completed the full Jami‘ah program, including Kunze,
who was a German already enrolled, but left at the same time I did.

There are several examples of outstanding missionaries who
similarly did not complete the formal Jami‘ah course such as Bashir
Orchard of Glasgow.””””

See, Perseverance, See page 159.