MGA lied about his revelations, these were the side effects of opium use. In this entry, we have found some interesting data on this very topic.

The data

Maktoobat e Ahmadiyya. Volume No 1. Page No 584.
Maktoob No 36.
My dear brother Mir Abbas Ali Shah Sahib.
Assalam o Alaikum.
There have been few revelations in english language in this weak. The meaning of these revelations were known from a Hindoo boy but are not reliable. Few of them were revealed as translation from Allah while rest are in Hebrew language. The meaning and its verification of all of them need to be done so that these are published as revelations. You may search the meaning and inform to me in a legible writing as soon as possible. The revelations are as under:-

(1) Paration, Omer, Haratoos, Baplatoos, meaning Palatoos or Partoos is the word which could not be understood properly due to the speedy series of revelations. Omer is arabic word but meaning of paration, platoos or paratoos required to be known and as to which language words are these?

(2) Meaning of Two more words ie “HUWA SHANA NAASA” are not known as to which language these words belong to?
And english language words are but first there is an arabic sentence ie “

You must do what I told you.
Tmko wo karna chahoyye jo mein ne farmaya hai
This urdu text is also a revelation.
After this there is another revelation in english translation of which has been done by a hindu boy.
Some revelations may have little out of sequence these are:-

Though all men should be angry with you but god is with you.
He shall help you.
Words of god not can exchange.
I shall help you. You have to go Amritsar.
He hil this in zila peshawar.
Plz send reply soon. Convey my salam to Molvi Abdul Qadir sahib and Khawaja Ali sb
Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani
12 December 1883.

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