In this sermon, Mirza Tahir Ahmad tries to create another Ahmadi parallel. He claims that since Muhammad (saw) was shown his enemies as fewer in number, then its ok for Mirza Nasir Ahmad to have also seen the same thing. However, he forgets that Mirza Nasir Ahmad didn’t see a dream about the number of Ahmadi’s, he was giving the exact number of Ahmadi’s to the whole world as a matter of fact. Further, Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims in his sermon that after 1984, the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Pakistan stopped keeping records of Ahmadi’s. However, 1947 to 1984 is thus confirmed as an era wherein the Mirza family kept accurate records of converts and Ahmadi’s in general. Read our full research entry on Ahmadiyya census numbers herein.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s Friday Khutbah from 10-25-1991

Here is the direct link to his Friday Sermon of Oct-1991—-

Mirza Tahir Ahmad starts off with quoting a verse from the Quran, in terms of the Battle of Badr, wherein he claims that Muhammad (saw) was shown that there were more Muslim (313) soldiers then meccan soldiers. He is quoting Chapter 8: 40–45.  Which are as follows:

43—When Allah showed them to thee in thy dream as few; and if He had shown them to thee as many, you would have surely faltered and would have disagreed with one another about the matter; but Allah saved you. Surely, He has full knowledge of what is in your breasts.

44—And when at the time of your encounter He made them appear to you as few in your eyes, and made you appear as few in their eyes, that Allah might bring about the thing that was decreed. And to Allah are all affairs referred for final decision.

Read Tafsir Ibn Kathir on this topic here—
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Nasir Ahmad announced that there were 10 million Ahmadis in 1969-1970

Mirza Tahir Ahmad uses these verses to justify how his brother, Mirza Nasir Ahmad claimed that there were 10,000,000 (10 million=1 crore) amount of Ahmadi’s, when however, there weren’t, but per Mirza Tahir Ahmad said that it was only made to appear to his brother as such.  Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that it was at the Jalsa in Rabwah in 1969 or 1970, wherein Mirza Nasir Ahmad made this announcement. Mirza Tahir Ahmad goes on to explain that he immediately doubted this figure, however, out of respect for his Khalifa, he remained silent.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Tahir Ahmad then blames Ahmadi’s for not properly reporting the number of Ahmadi’s

He goes on to say that he was told that there was a country wherein Ahmadi’s had reached 1 million (most likely some country in Africa). He says that he visited that country and found that they only had 500,000 Ahmadi’s.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Nasir Ahmad fully believed that there were in fact 10 million Ahmadi’s by 1970

Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that in the mind of his brother, Mirza Nasir Ahmad, there were in fact, 10 million Ahmadi’s by 1970. There is no doubt in this. Mirza Tahir Ahmad goes on to say that he had no right to object to the Khalifa. Hence, he remained silent in this matter. Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s claims that his position was that NO person could ever accurately give the total number of Ahmadis in the world.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that regular Ahmadi’s were making their own calculations

Mirza Tahir Ahmad essentially blames everyone except his brother the Khalifa.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadi’s in Sialkot in the 1970’s?

He goes on to explain that his brother, the Khalifa, toured Sialkot, Pakistan and many other jamaat’s and had read reports and etc to the effect that the entire city of Sialkot is Ahmadi.  Other average Ahmadi’s were boasting the same. However, this was all untrue. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that he went there and tried to verify and also collect money for Waqf-e-Jadid.  As he went to Sialkot to collect additional monies for his family business, he realized that only a few Ahmadi’s were there and even fewer donated money to the Mirza family business. Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that he toured Sialkot, and saw many areas wherein there were NO Ahmadis at all.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Losing Ahmadi’s in Sialkot, Jhelum and other areas

Another excuse that he gives is that many people had converted to Ahmadiyya, and then left later on from political pressure. He claims that in 1904, when MGA went to Sialkot, 1600 people converted to Ahmadiyya in one day. He says in 1991, there aren’t even 600 Ahmadi’s in Sialkot.  He says that Mirza Nasir Ahmad knew about all of these mass conversions. He says that by roughly 1920, there must have been 10-20,000 Ahmadis in Sialkot. He says this is from roughly 100 years ago, per the natural birth process, it must have tripled by 1970.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mirza Tahir Ahmad visited Dera Ismail Khan and Khohat in the early 1970’s

He claims that there were lots of Ahmadi’s in this area when he visited. He says that Syed Abdul Latif lived in this area, when he was killed…lots of people joined Ahmadiyya (1903-4).
He claims that Ahmadi’s make lots of noise, however, there aren’t many Ahmadi’s in the world.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A Mubahila?

Mirza Tahir Ahmad claims that an Ahmadi was challenged with a Mubahila in terms of the number of Ahmadis. He claims that this is wrong.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He goes on to quote Pakistani-Muslims who have given the census of Ahmadis

He complains that Pakistani-Muslims have also exaggerated whenever they felt the political need, in fact, in the early 1970’s, when Ahmadi’s had all agreed to vote for Bhutto and his People’s party, Pakistani-Muslims announced 20 lacs (2 million). However, Mirza Tahir Ahmad forgets that this number was given to scare the Pakistani people of the political power of Ahmadi’s, nothing else. Then another report is quoted.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________He then complains about clerics in Pakistan

He says that they continously lie, and are the source of all the problems.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadi’s put in a copyright claim against my video

It is important to note that Ahmadi’s were so scared about my expose’ that they filed a copyright claim against me. My video was here:
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