Ahmadi’s have always been ordered by the Mirza family to give their life for Ahmadiyya. In the below, we have an Extract from the book Rabwah ka pope by Mazharuddin Multani son of Fakhruddin Multani who was murdered by a Qadiani.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________RABWAH A STATE WITHIN STATE

Jamaat Ahmadiyya, during the reign of SECOND Khalifa Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Ahmad, has established itself into a state with organisational structure as of a sovereign state. In his several speeches and Khutbat Mirza Mehmoud Ahmad advised his Jamaat to prepare for taking responsibility of running an independent state which, according to him, Allah could grant them any time.

For this purpose they tried to get Baluchistan Province of Pakistan to be an Ahmadiyya State, with the help of their British masters. However, the plan failed miserably and Mirza Mahmoud had to flee from Quetta after one of his Murabbi was murdered there.

Mirza Mahmoud and Zafrullah Khan advised Qadianis to go for top positions of civil and Military. Zafrullah in the capacity of Foreign Minister of Pakistan, made it easy for Qadianis to get inducted in civil and Military services of Pakistan. They made Furqan Force with the aim of liberation of certain areas of Kashmir and Punjab to make an Ahmadi State comprising of areas of Qadian and part of Kashmir bordering Punjab. However, this plan could not succeed too for many reasons and Furqan Force was disbanded.

Now see the organisational structure that Mirza Mahmoud has set up for Jamaat as under. Each department or Ministry is headed by a Nazir appointed and removed by Khalifa, Nazir having powers of Minister, having Administrative civil and judicial powers and are only answerable to Khalifa.

1. Nazir Ala. (Chief Secretary) This Is appointed by Khalifa to monitor and coordinate with all other heads.

2. Nazir Amoor e Ama. Under Minister of Interior. (Home Secretary) : competent to conduct hearing of all criminal cases, enforcement of penalties, and coordination with Police.

3. Nazir Amoor e Kharjah. Under Foreign Minister. To make a political alliance and keep an eye on internal and external political situations .

4. Nazir Ziafat ( Minister of Food)
5. Nazir Tijarat, (Commerce Minister)
6. Nazir Hifazat e Markaz. (Defence Minister) Controlling Police and Armed Forces, security of Qadian and Rabwah.
7. Nazir Sanat, ( Minister Idustry)
8. Nazir Taleem, (Education Minister)
9. Nazir Islah o Irshad (Propaganda And communication Minister)
10. Nazir Baitul Mal. (Finance Minister)
11. Nazir Qanoon ( Law Minister
12. Nazir Zaraat (Agriculture Minister)

Whole system is called ahmadiyya anjuman. All decisions are approved by Khalifa, all powers are delegated by Khalifa. The rules and regulations framed by Khalifa can not be changed by ahmadiyya Anjuman.

Courts of Law has also been set up. Qazis are appointed and removed by Khalifa . Final appellate authority is Khalifa whose decision can not be set aside by any authority. Khalifa has also the authority to call for any court case for his decision. Certified copies of legal decrees and orders are issued on payment of fee.

Khalifa and his family enjoys immunity from all court cases.
If a case is filed against any other royal family member, Qazi would not decide against him. If a case is decided against him the decision would not be implemented. The petitioners would be told that since financial position of Royal member is not good so the case case can be placed in abeyance for indefinite period or he would be asked to recover his decreed amount on easy instalments like Re 1/-per months.

One of specimen of Court Nazir letter is as under:
Abdullah Khan the petitioner,
You are informed that the case has been decided and it has been held that under order No, 62 the case has been dismissed for non pursuance.
The petitioner can file appeal against this order within a month from the date of receipt of certified true copy and time period consumed in issuance of certified copy, will not be counted for calculation of one month for filing of appeal.
Certified true copy shall be issued on payment of fee.
Dated :- 08 December 1951.
Office Of Nazir Ahmadi Darul Qaza Rabwah District Jhang Pakistan.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The scans

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