The Ahmadiyya #jalsausa2017 has just ended.  Ahmadiyya leadership paid for congressmen and other politicians to show up and they wined and dined them.  They do this every year, since MGA started it in 1891.  MGA copied this from his cousin, his cousin held the “Chuhra-Mela” in Qadian before 1891, it was an annual event wherein Hindus would be dancing and selling their products.  Ahmadiyya leadership is taught to kiss up to politicians and make connections with them, when things get bad in ahmadiyya, they will try to cash in that relationship.  They did the exact same thing in British India.  See here:

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They normally announce lots of yearly statistics.  However, the most important stat is never mentioned, that is “the number of converts in america”??  They are dead silent.  Ahmadiyya is dying in America, the young Ahmadis who are born in America are leaving at an alarming rate, Ahmadiyya tries to replenish those losses through immigration and hence the Fake-Asylum cases are filed by Ahmadis in Pakistan.  Further, since Ahmadis are always crying about persecution, their asylum business is thriving.

The 2nd Ahmadiyya Khalifa made the Ahmadiyya Jalsa more important then Hajj (1955)

Summary of his speech
“””Ahamdi’s leadership concept of hajj is as per khutbat Mahmoud page 254 is their jalsa in qadyan.  It is just ” just like hajj ” . And ” the nation ‘s advancement which cannot be get from hajj , can be get by jalsa “

A brief commentary on this statement by Mirza Basheeruddin Mahmud Ahmad
He was in the UK when he gave out this statement.  He was never able to go back to Qadian and was urging Ahmadis to continue to visit…since he feared that Qadian would become a ghost town.


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NO Ahmadi Khalifa has ever performed Hajj
FACT: Ahmadiyya Khalifas have never even stepped foot in Saudi Arabia, or the Ottoman Empire.  Mahmud Ahmad and Nooruddin did perform Hajj before they became Khalifas, but not after.  Mahmud Ahmad had every opportunity in the world to perform the Hajj from 1914 to 1965, however, he never even thought about it, he even travelled thru Syria in 1924, enroute to the UK, but he refused to stop through Mecca.  Next, in 1955, when he went to the UK to seek medical advice, he refused to stop through Mecca and perform Hajj.  He refused to go on the return trip as well, however, he did visit an opera house in Italy.

“He who visits the tomb of the Promised Messiah (in Qadian) is blessed to the same degree as one who visits the green tomb of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) in Medina. Woe to the person who debars himself from the benefits of the blessing of Hajj-al-Akbar towards Qadian.”
( Al-Fadl , December 13, 1939)

Mirza Nasir Ahmad travelled all over the world from 1965 to 1974
He could have easily dropped in and performed Hajj, but he didnt.  He travelled throughout Africa, Europe, the USA, etc etc etc, but he never performed Hajj.

Zafrullah Khan performed Umra in the 1958
He got presidential treatment.  Mirza Nasir Ahmad didnt even care, hence, he never went. Mahmud Ahmad was paralyzed and bed-ridden.  

Since 1973, Ahmadis have been banned from Saudi Arabia

Since then, it is impossible for the Ahmadiyya Khalifa to travel there.  Not like they care…they wouldnt go when they had 5-star access.

MGA’s comment’s
ain e kalimat e Islam, ruhaani khazain vol 5 page 392. Mirza Qadiani writes that people go for small hajj or Nafli hajj but this place meaning Qadian has more reward than a Nafli hajj.

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