Khwaja Kamaluddin is the famous Lahori-Ahmadi who arrived in England in 1912 and began converting people in the UK to Islam, as well as leading prayers at the famous Woking Mosque.  This was an Ahmadi mosque until the late 1960’s, when Bashir Misri became imam, and then signed it over to the Sunni Community in the London area. The lahori-Ahmadi’s lost the Woking Mosque and were never able to acquire another mosque in the UK.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________24th September 1912

It was the day when Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din arrived in England for the first time. During this first visit, which lasted till November of 1914, he established “The Islamic Review” monthly journal and the Woking Muslim Mission in 1913.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Data from the Lahori blog editor Zahid Aziz

As the website creator and maintainer of the website I felt it my duty to mark the 100th anniversary of Khwaja Kamal-ud-Din’s arrival. I have compiled an 8-page commemorative leaflet, with a 4-page insert of photographs that can go inside the leaflet, for this occasion. I hope it is interesting and informative.

Zahid Aziz’s comments on Bashir Ahmad Misri

(1) An interview on this very subject which a Harvard University researcher conducted with me face to face in 2007. See page 7 of the May 2007 issue of “The Light”, U.K. edition at this link.

(2) An article I wrote at the same time in refutation of B.A. Misri’s account is in the April 2007 issue from pages 4 to 7, at this link.


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