About 7-8 years ago, there was an interesting blog that popped up out of nowhere in this Ahmadiyya Awareness work. It was ran by a girl who was trapped in Ahmadiyya. She was from the UK and published lots of inside details about Ahmadiyya operations. This specific entry is about the Ahmadiyya fake numbers game, which we have written about extensively here.
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Asalam o Alaikum readers… WASSSSSSURRRRRP! What it do in London today? How depressing is the weather? And what’s good Worldwide, I see thousands of clicks from the international community- BIG UP! Keep it coming, this is just the beginning, a ‘test stage’ if you like, but in between damning insider information on Sundays, I still need to keep you guys on the ball and so have a teeny treat for you!

This is old news, but now I have brand new readers, this will be NEW to thousands of you (yep thousands, my Blog had 8,000 hits by this morning subhanAllah).

Reason I chose this piece today is because since yesterday, I have received over 500 emails, and am being told, over and over and over and over (you get the point) how the Jamaat is growing and is huge and unstoppable! It’s doing it big time, it’s gone global, and it’s growing at the speed of light! Yes that’s right; it’s a nonstop rollercoaster ride to global domination. ERRR how about…NO! Ages ago, there was this guy who visited our forum called Khalid, and with him he brought along DAMNING inside information that showed the dismal reality of the growth of Ahmadis here in the UK. Want to take a look? OK I will show you, but be warned, it certainly isn’t a pretty site, especially for all of you who lectured me yesterday about ‘DA GROWTH OF DA AHMADIS’ (no joke ting, one guy said just that)…

(I am pasting what Khalid had written, late last year at some point):

I’ve been given the official bai’at figures for the last fifteen years in the UK. I’m sure they’ll open a few eyes as to just how much of a closed-cult the ahmadiyya really are. It shows the stark contrast between the numbers they claim (i.e. 200 million) and the dismal reality:

Official Bait Figures From 1995-2005 (UK):

Total Bai’at: 1084
Still with Jamaat: 218
Move to new Jamaat: 40
Left UK : 232
Unable to Contact: 594

So the shocking truth is that for the above ten year period, on average only 108 people joined the cult per year. Yet what’s even more shocking is that 55% of those who joined are unaccounted for!!! LOL…they can’t contact 594 out of the 1084 ahmedis that joined!!!

The below is a yearly breakdown from 2000 – 2010:

From 2000-2010:

2000-01: 122
2001-02: 48
2002-03: 58
2003-04: 95
2004-05: 38
2005-06: 45
2006-07: 75
2007-08: 67
2008-08: 25
2009-10: 61

The figures I have also show that more than 50% of those who joined are either no longer part of the jamaat or cannot be contacted!! LOL. MashAllah.. it’s wonderful how the jamaat looks after its new converts. The funny thing is a lot of those that are part of these figures where already Ahmedi, for each convert there is a comment alongside their name explaining their situation, i.e:

Born Ahmadis.renewed their ba’its. NOT right to say new ahmedi’s


Was born as an Ahmadi but never kept any touch with the Jamaat or did ba’it. Recently she did bait but still is very aloof and does not like to be contacted by the Jamaat. Pays her Chanda. Is related to mrs Amtul Rasheed and does not like to be put in this category. Her father was a sahabi.

So these figures are actually highly flattering, as a lot of those they consider new ahmedis (and are part of these figures) are in fact not new ahmedis.

The funny thing as well, is that only a small percentage of these “new ahmedi’s” are white british. For reference the breakdown by nationality for the 2009-2010 period is shown below:

English British: 7
Mix British: 2
Palestine/Egyptian: 1
Kenyan: 1
Kenyan/British: 4
Mauritian: 1
Pakistani: 22
Pakistani British: 3
Polish: 1
Somalian: 1
Indian/ German 1
Indian British: 2
Guinea: 1
Egyptian: 5
Bangladeshi: 1
Czech Republic: 1
Dutch: 1
Ghanaian/ British: 1

More than a third where pakistani!! Just shows that this cult really is a punjabi based business.

So… in the last 15 years they “converted” only 1312 people in the UK. An average of 87 a year. More than 50% of those they are no longer in contact with!!! This is the reality of the “True Islam”. For all their fancy propaganda to the white man it has got them no where.

What a sham “religion”.

Lo!! So much for “The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community is a dynamic, fast growing international revival movement within Islam”,quoted from their website @, and Allah’s promise to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of ‘I Will Cause Thy Message to Reach the 4 Corners of The World’ (Allah knows there are no corners and would not have said such a thing),

Yes OK I hear you!! I hear you already!!! ‘THIS ISN’T TRUE IT IS LIES OMG LIARS, HE MADE IT UP’… he didn’t, I think if we all ask him nicely and he is reading, he might be able to email us over the original (he did me ages ago and a few others on the forum who asked for it). OK. So next I am hearing ‘OMG GORSSSH THIS IS ONLY FOR THE UK, WE HAVE MASSIVE GROWTH IN THE AFRICA AND THE INDIA AND THE BANGLADESH AND THE TIMBUKTOO AND THE MOON…’ yeah…you get the picture right? This is the HUB of Ahmadiyya: HUBADIYYA. This is where it’s all that, THE UK is where at it is at! Your Khalifa, may Allah strengthen his hands and feet, lives here. This is the driving force of the Ahmadiyya! This is where the money is at! this is where the concentrated efforts are it! This is where the multi million pound Mosque is at! This is where the HQ is at! This is where all the tabligh efforts are at! This is the driving force for the entire Ahmadiyya community worldwide and look what IT has to show for itself… 1312 converts in a 15 year period!!!! **SHOCKING**

1315 in 15 years and not all were proper conversions anyways and majority of them were never seen again!!! Either that’s pretty pathetic or you guys’ idea of HUGE GROWTH is 1 addition to your Tajneed database every decade? Now compare this to almost 100,000 MUSLIM CONVERTS here in the UK, averaging at almost 5000 a year (source: ). So who is growing? Don’t try fool yourselves into thinking all the Ahmadis are in Africa, they aren’t! And even if they were, majority are uneducated and illiterate and would probably follow anything with a bit of persuasion! Why are they not converting en masse in the UK? I thought Ahmadis were the most engaged Muslims in the world, and you can’t even manage to scoop the educated non-Muslims of the UK but mainstream Muslims did? What is up with that blad? Tell you what is up, it’s a fraud and Allah SWT will keep those in genuine search for the truth away from falsehood!

And oh, did you know, according to OFFICIAL Jamaat statements, Ahmadiyya is NOT growing but is actually in decline and reducing rapidly in numbers? Did you know that? Bro Xia over at the forums shows us here @Ahmadiyya Jamaat Numbers Fraud:

Ahmadis, get off that sinking rubber dingy of yours and get on board the beautiful and safe Cruise Liner that is Islam: The proof is in the numbers! Stick with the majority and you will not go wrong. Start playing with the minority and the chances are, like most minority groups who are convinced too of world domination one day, and you WILL fail. Wave your white flag, get off that rubber dingy and come to Islam…this is no joke ting! WAKE UP FOR THE LOVE OF ALLAH WAKE UP!

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  1. Findings31 August 2011 at 13:17Reply
  2. dont try and hack my blog!! grrrrr! password has now been changed! silly person trying to edit my posts! NOT funny!
  3. XIA31 August 2011 at 14:44Reply
  4. Keep it safe u know that how Cult behaves :)All remember in that 2005 claim was of 200 Million + Ahmadis but in 2009 Claim was of 80 Million (even that is fake)May Allah guide them
  5. Anonymous31 August 2011 at 20:25Reply
  6. The prophecy DOES NOT CONTAIN THE NUMBER FOUR! It just says corners!lol, your comments seem to give me the impression that you’ve never had a discussion with anti-islamic atheists who’d love to try to prove that the Earth is flat from the Quran!4 corners comes from the bible, or am i mistaken?

    Four corners of the earth


    All parts of the Earth.


    From the Miles Coverdale’s Version of the Bible, Revelation 7-1:

    And after that sawe I foure angels stode on ye foure corners of the earth, holdinge ye foure wyndes of ye earth, yt ye wyndes shulde not blowe on ye earth, nether on ye see, nether on eny tree.

    A similar expression is found in Isaiah 11-12:

    And he shal set vp a toke amonge the Gentiles, and gather together ye dispersed of Israel, yee and the outcastes of Iuda from the foure corners of ye worlde.

    The reference to four corners does not imply that the writers of these texts believed that the Earth was flat (although they may well have done). the first citation above suggests more that the four corners were the four compass points.

  7. Anonymous31 August 2011 at 20:45Reply
  8. “This is where all the tabligh efforts are at”, this just explains your ignorance! Do you really think that the UK is our largest target audience just because the Khalifa is there?You need to use your resources to get stats from other countries as well, UK’s tabligh efforts have a lot of room for improvement. No comparison to other countries. I’ve assessed efforts in at least four other countries. You are just assuming! UK is nowhere near rank one in the world in tabligh efforts.BTW. Congratulations! If we’re decreasing. So, there’ll be a day when no one’s going to read your blog! That most certainly does not seem to be your ultimate objective. Why do I say that? Because u’ve done it the wrong way, the unislamic way. You are probably the only person on the team who’s not got the basics of Islam right, let alone ahmadiyyat. Not saying this to embarrass you but to encourage you to spend more time studying Quran and hadith rather than gossip. Because a lot of what you write is factually incorrect.

    May Allah guide all of us to the right Path. Ameen

  9. The Rash31 August 2011 at 21:08Reply
  10. Nice work Findings. Over here in the USA they are slowly dying. They train the Atfal to be Mukhliss Ahmadis..but, by the time they are Khuddam the Con is up.Many of my nieces and nephews are close to leaving. Hopefully websites like these will help people understand the fraud that is the ‘A’.Good Hunting!
  11. Anonymous31 August 2011 at 22:40Reply
  12. So, where are the 200000000 Ahmadis? Anyone? Or can you not stomach that Mirza Tahir, the fourth khalifa, leader of the true Islam, blatanly lied in front of the whole world? Or that you believed his BS?
  13. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 06:01Reply
  14. You’re not going to get any comments from Ahmadis except for the ones that insult your character. I don’t know you and maybe you don’t know a lot about Islam and maybe you are an awful person, but I would like to see an Ahmadi explain the figures.No, the UK might not be the center of tabligh activity, but then what is the center? What are the numbers from that place? Why should Findings have to find these numbers? Why doesn’t the Jamaat actually release the numbers of how many Ahmadis are in each country?
  15. XIA1 September 2011 at 09:37Reply
  16. There Centers are in parts of Africa where they can trade Food for Souls like Christian Missionaries while usinge the name of Islam to spread their own stuff :)But even there claims are fakelike 200 million to 80 Million


  17. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 13:40Reply
  18. Surah al Baqarah 2:15 – 16And when they meet those who believe, they say: ‘We believe;’ but when they are alone with their ringleaders they say: ‘We are certainly with you; we are only mocking.’Allah will punish their mockery and will let them continue in their transgression, wandering blindly.
  19. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 18:37Reply
  20. So the thousands of Ahmadis that read this blog and send you emails (as you claim) don’t exist do they?
  21. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 19:45Reply
  22. LOL, What a loada rubbish cult girl. You think your clever hiding behind most likely a scraf pretending your muslim and reverted to ‘Islam’ but your nothing short of a coward. Have you ever been to Jalsaa lately have you seen how much the attendance has increased and you claim that it is on a decline, what a liberty. You probs already have boyfriend and all this blog is to get the message right in your head and excuse for you to run away,typical of girls like you. BTW ppl that are reading your blogs are Ahmadi’s and we are laughing at you not with you and disgusted at the way your parents have bough you up,poor people when they find out the real truth about you, you sure gna kill em and that too Alive then we’l see who goes to heaven. Mark my words we’l see where you are in 5 years time and if you dont change your attitude and ways you wont be too happy. Lanat on you what sad way of killing time,why dont you spend it doing Quran Hafz instead that way you are not spreading hatred in the world. One day someone will find you through hacking (won’t be long as I have ppl who can do it) and you will get slapped by your parents and I will want to personally meet them and you can get out of this so called ‘cult’ quicker than you thought.
  23. Hameed1 September 2011 at 21:10Reply
  24. Ahmadis always assume the growth that their leaders are talking about is happening somewhere else
    because in very jumah and jalsa all they see around them is the same old bored looking punjabis
  25. Anonymous1 September 2011 at 21:33Reply
  26. right… so these figures??? At the moment they are just hearsay to me. I would only believe this if you scanned in the original document.Also, are you not doing exactly the same thing that you suggest the Jamaat is doing, producing figures without proof? Are you not then as bad as you claim the Jamaat is. This argument of yours is void unless you can produce evidence rather than just writing some figures in a post.In your ignorance you have ruined your argument by doing exactly the same thing you claim that the Jamaat is doing wrong.

    I understand you get a lot of emails, but none of your responses have been to people that have questioned your articles. Unless you start doing so no one is going to give you much attention. I suggest responding to this comment as a starting point.

  27. Anonymous2 September 2011 at 19:52Reply
  28. i think this is xia or farhan pretending to be a girl to lead the woman astray from AHmadiyyat .If not, this is a very desperate girl trying to get attention and posting her personal life all over the web…..shoudldnt you be practicing purdah if your an obsreving muslimah?
  29. Yusuf2 September 2011 at 22:51Reply
  30. “Yes OK I hear you!! I hear you already!!! ‘THIS ISN’T TRUE IT IS LIES OMG LIARS, HE MADE IT UP’… “You claim that Ahmadis will say that you made up the figure? Now why on earth would you do that? Surly a good “Muslim” girl like you would never tell a lie right?
    Agh Hge wrong. You have allready lied. You said;
    “This is old news, but now I have brand new readers, this will be NEW to thousands of you (yep thousands, my Blog had 8,000 hits by this morning subhanAllah).”But on your ptofile page it says 665 hits.

    What a liar. Or should I say it in a way that you would understand (gang speak) YO CKICK I IZ COT U OUT INNIT. YOU AINT NOTHEN BUT A FAKER INNIT YO.


  31. Findings2 September 2011 at 23:32Reply
  32. Yo Yusuf blud.. 665 hits is for my profile page.. LOL! I’ve added a stats counter on the right side of the blog. As you can see there have been over 12,000 page views in the last week 😉
  33. Anonymous3 September 2011 at 10:08Reply
  34. Why are you so against Honurable Rafiq Hayat. He is one of a kind and is a UK Am’ir for life. People like him are born in generations. He is a big blessing for UK. Who else has qualities like him in the UK.
  35. Anonymous3 September 2011 at 14:16Reply
  36. You mean the same Rafiq Hayat who committed shirk?
  37. Anonymous3 September 2011 at 21:52Reply
  38. Hey Findings, I would like to hear your story do you have an email? I am a22 years old Ahmadi who is researching deeper into Ahmadiyyat.. Email me:
  39. XIA4 September 2011 at 20:59Reply
  40. Every 1 knows about Mirza Tahir and Jammat Lies about numbers200 million in 2005
    and 80 million in 2009 :DNo Ahmadi cant deny that 🙂


  41. Anonymous7 September 2011 at 07:51Reply
  42. Can you plz condemn the recent murder of the Ahmadi brother Naseem Ahmad Butt.
    We Ahmadis are continuously condmening terrorsim, which YOU—>Sunnis are conducting, we hold symposiums, hand out flyers, have open houses for the Msoque, hold interfaith dialougues…etc….to cover your ass.
    BUT not once have i heard them (Sunnis) condenm the persecution against Ahmadis.
    I mean God forbid it come from a Mullah!PLease STOP terrorizing us.
  43. A khokar18 September 2011 at 13:35Reply
  44. Qadianis attempt to block build of New Masjid in London!Yeh; if this Mosque is being built with the aim of creating a masjid e Zarar and create disorder and mischief in the community residing in this particualr area. It must be stopped.Allah Loves not the disorder and mischief.
  45. A Khokar18 September 2011 at 17:02Reply
  46. [Expontential Growth in Ahmadis? An Ex-Ahmadi shows otherwise!]
    One may not be awarae of the facts that on what account ‘Findings’ or the ‘Cultgirl’ were shunted out of the Jammat and under what pretext. But believably in the light of the rancor and vengeance shown here— looks like a case of a ‘Divorcee’ —–who is crying for the breach / loss of relations contract and is desperately in need to get gather few sympathisers around.Sadly the loss may be that how suddenly they find themselves debarred; possibly for their own misconduct. Otherwise they say;
    Jissay saaf rakhna ho; ousay Maila naheen kartaySo ‘Lagey Rahou Munna Bhai’; because any advice at this stage may not work that all the divorcees; they like to know not any logic or reasoning and neither will accept their fault for which he/she got the divorce.

    Once again; Lagey Rahou Munna Bhai; I think this must help Ahmadiyya that few more black sheep will also move off from the scene.

    Khas Kam jahaan Pak

  47. Findings18 September 2011 at 17:23Reply
  48. ^ thanks for addressing the point A.khokar.#ahmadiyya #ahmadiyyatrueislam #ahmadiapartheid #Ahmadiyyat #rabwah #qadian #meetthekhalifa #ahmadiyyat #muslimsforpeace #ahmadiyyafactcheckblog #nolifewithoutkhalifa #drsalam #AhmadiMosqueattack #AhmadiyyaPersecution #Sialkot #Mosqueattack