Dear readers, we have new developments to report in the #faisalabadmosqueattack.  5 Ahmadi’s have been arrested via multiple reports on twitter.  Make sure you read our previous reports on this entire matter.

What really happened?
In this village, an Ahmadi family lives right next to the Ahmadiyya place of worship.  They started an altercation with local Sunni Muslims.  Ahmadi’s pulled out pistols and began firing and beat up many Pakistani Muslims.  In retaliation, the Pakistani-Muslims came back with over 50+ people.  The Ahmadi’s then took shelter in their mosque.  The firing from both sides then began.

Pakistani Muslim’s report
7 Muslims have been killed, one an infant girl.  They also reported that 7 Ahmadi’s were injured.  More Muslims were injured also, reports vary from 15-20.

Ahmadi’s report
Ahmadi’s didn’t report any harm to the Muslim’s they only reported injuries to Ahmadi’s.  They also purposely left out the fact that Ahmadi’s started this entire mess.  Ahmadi’s then went to their media outlets and purposely lied.

Ahmadi reports to NY times and other news outlets

Ahmadi’s don’t care if Pakistani-Muslims die
Why aren’t Ahmadiyya sources reporting this properly?  Well, this is the instructions of their Khalifa.

Additional Data

Sunni Defence & Media Cell (Official)

Following Following @SDMC25
One #Muslim reported dead and Many Muslims are injured in attack at Ghaseet pura of #Faisalabad by Qadiyanis Non-Muslims !


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