Dear readers, MGA never led a Khutbah Juma, he never led salaat after 1888 (and even before, only for old women and little kids possibly), he never did any public speeches either.  Ahmadiyya INC turned the lectures of Maulvi Abdul Karim in different cities into books wherein they give MGA credit for giving speeches and etc. However, its a total lie. In today’s expose’, we are highlighting Lecture Lahore. After MGA and his team left Lahore, they traveled to Sialkot, and again, Maulvi Abdul Karim delivered the lecture on behalf of MGA.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Per the earliest Ahmadiyya sources, MGA gave this speech

Per the Review of Religions for Oct-Nov 1904, they tell us that MGA gave this speech to over 10,000 people. It was titled, “The teaching of Islam and their contrast with other religions”. There are 2 other essays from this edition of the ROR that are combined to create Lecture Lahore.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 1916, they finally admit that Maulvi Abdul Karim gave the lecture

In 1916, 8 years after the death of Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, he writes that the entire speech was published and circulated among the people of Lahore and that Maulvi Abdul Kareem gave the speech, not MGA (see the forward of the book. The english edition of this book was published in 1917. A newer edition, with many edits was published in 1967. MIrza Basheer ud Din Mahmud mentioned that this “so-called-lecture” happened in August of 1904, see (page 48)whereas the latest Ahmadiyya records tell us that it happened in August of 1903, in fact, they claim that there were 4 lectures in Lahore (see pages 363-366), this is a major error. The newest Ahmadiyya sources tell us that there were 4 lectures (see pages 363–366), the first was on a Sunday, August 21st, 1904. Moreover, this source tells us that MGA had another speaking engagement on Aug 28th, 1904, another Sunday then they totally forget about the 3rd lecture and jump to the 4th lecture, the 4th lecture was on Sep 3rd, 1904, another Sunday, they claim that it is this 4th lecture that comprises of “Lecture-Lahore”, they are basically admitting that the content of the first 3 lectures is unknown, moreover, all of MGA’s utterances were so unintelligible, that no one ever knew what he was saying.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The British military was there also, giving MGA protection

MGA seems to have always moved around British-India with the full support of the British military (see page 48). Even in 1891, MGA narrowly escaped the crowds of Muslims who wanted to kill him, only because of British support.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ In 2008, it was named Lecture Lahore and published online

It was Mirza Masroor Ahmad who decided to turn these speeches by Maulvi Abdul Karim into the book called Lecture Lahore.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Lahori-Ahmadi’s also created Lecture Lahore as a book

In a very interesting twist, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s seem to have also followed the Qadiani’s and created this book.  See here:
They also write as follows:

This discourse was delivered by Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the chief of Qadian, on 3 September 1904 at Lahore and was published by the Anjuman Furqania Lahore through Mian Maraj-ud-Din Omar, General Contractor and Secretary of the Anjuman, and Sheikh Nur Muhammad Munshi Alam, Proprietor of Hamdam-e-Sehat Lahore, for the benefit of the general public at its Rafah-e-Am Steam Press Lahore.

Today, 27 August 1904, I read in the daily Paisa Akhbar that a certain Hakim Mirza Mahmood Irani, who is residing in Lahore, is also a follower of a person who is said to have claims to messiahship as well, and Hakim Sahib desires to contest with me in that context. I regret that due to my overwhelming engagements, I cannot accede to his request because tomorrow, Saturday, is the public gathering which had been previously arranged, and on Sunday I have to proceed to Gurdaspur in connection with a court case, and my appearance in the court is a must. I have been in Lahore for the last twelve days. During this time, no such request was made to me, and now that I have to leave and I have not a minute to spare, I am confronted with this untimely request. I do not understand what is the intention and objective of making this untimely approach, but I have a suggestion which could be helpful to arrive at a positive decision.

Tomorrow, 3 September, I have to read my paper at the general gathering, and this paper will be published in the Paisa Akhbar as well. I request Hakim Sahib to publish his discourse countering my points in the said daily, and the public would thereby decide for themselves after reading both articles which of the two has better arguments favouring the truth and the right path and which of the articles is devoid of truth. I think this course would also be safe and conducive to public safety and general peace because it would not be prone to raise public commotion which has become a possibility nowadays in religious debates. I believe this suggestion should be acceptable, because in my discourse no direct reference would be made to Hakim Sahib and the discourse would be clear from any ill-feelings which sometime creep up due to such debates.

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani

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