Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan has constituted an 18-member Economic Advisory Council (EAC) with the induction of a few world-renowned economists to ensure the availability of best possible professional advice to the government on economic policies. Just a few weeks ago, Professor Atif Mian wrote an op-ed that was published in the Dawn newspaper, in this he gave 3 crucial areas that needed reform in Pakistan’s economic future. However, Atif Mian doesn’t understand that Pakistan was invented solely for the purpose of failing. Pakistan was created by the British as a buffer state, and is thus economically unstable. Pakistan doesn’t have a proper product mix, nor does it generate enough tax revenue to break even, nor has it ever.  Nonetheless, we have collected lots of data on this topic and have shared in the below.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Atif Mian left Islam for Ahmadiyya after the 9-11 attacks

If you read his short story, this is the general impression. He has never written academically in terms of Ahmadiyya, nor has he engaged anyone on social media in discussion. See here:  Nabeel Qureshi also felt some sort of resentment with Islam after the 9-11 attacks.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Ahmadi’s are loyal to the Mirza family, no one else and have political backing from the UN

Ahmadi’s can never be trusted. This is similar to how a Sikh killed the Prime Minister in India, thus raising the question of allegiance in India. Thus, Pakistani’s are highly concerned with Ahmadi’s and their allegiance to the Mirza family. Furthermore, Atif Mian cannot be trusted, since we know that he will be leaking all internal affairs data from this committee to his Khalifa in London.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Zafrullah Khan helped Ahmadi’s get into high military positions and civil service

When Zafrullah Khan was foreign minister of Pakistan, he helped Ahmadi’s get good jobs at a disproportionate rate (see Brush). Ahmadi’s continued to be favored in Ayub Khan’s government in the 60’s.  It wasn’t until 1974, then Ahmadi’s were finally ousted.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ If Atif Mian works with this council, does he agree with all the laws of Pakistan?

Remember, Ahmadi’s go around and call all Muslims as Terrorists if they consider Ahmadi’s as non-Muslims. Well, its the law in Pakistan, and thus Ahmadi’s like Qasim Rashid and many others, consider all Muslims as terrorists. Will they consider Atif Mian also a terrorist since he is helping such a government?
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The US Govt has cut funding to Pakistan
_____________________________________________________________________________________________No developing country should ever trust the IMF or WB

FACTS!!!  pakistan has to fix their economic woes from within.  However, with corruption, its impossible.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________What will IK do next?
_____________________________________________________________________________________________A grandson of MGA was made an economic adviser in Pakistan in the 1960’s

Ahmadi’s were given lots of government jobs and special treatment from 1947–1974. Read about it here:
_____________________________________________________________________________________________ IHC to hear petition against Dr Atif Mian’s appointment

IHC to hear petition against Dr Atif Mian’s appointment

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