The Mirza family has taught Ahmadi’s to believe in some sick and twisted ideas, that’s for sure.  Yet another one is the idea that all Ex-Ahmadi’s will fail and never prosper. This ideology isn’t written down and expressed in Ahmadiyya literature as such, however, it is ingrained into the psyche of every Ahmadi, especially the laymans, which for the vast majority of Ahmadi’s. In my interactions with the African-Ahmadi’s, this is the theme of their arguments, they cite the death of Zia, Bhutto, King Faisal and etc etc etc as proof. Ahmadi’s are taught group superiority myths by the Mirza family and were radicalized by the Mirza Tahir Ahmad in the 80’s.

Ahmadiyya only rules

  1. Bad things happen to you (and you’re a believer) –> it’s a test.

  2. Bad things happen to you (and you’re a disbeliever) –> it’s a punishment.

  3. Good things happen to you –> it’s only through the blessings of God

Ironically, Ahmadi converts are not taught this as vice versa
As for the case of Ahmadiyya attitude, When a new convert of Ahmadiyya faces misfortune it is the test of their faith from Allah. If they prosper, it is the blessings of Allah. If someone who leaves is struck with a misfortune, it is the punishment of Allah.
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