Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad was a grandson of MGA, through Mirza Bashir Ahmad. He was born in Qadian in 1913. He died on July 4th, 2002 in America. He was married to his first cousin, Amatul Qayyum, who was the daughter of the Khalifa and Noorudin’s daugther, Amtul Hai in roughly 1925-1930, they had no children. He had adopted his nephew Zahir Ahmad and his wife, who was his daughter-in-law, Tazeen Ahmad, and two grand children, Muhammad and Mariam.

The Ahmadiyya Movement seems to have colluded with M.M. Ahmad to store money overseas in Panama. This is a long line of Ahmadis who are implicated with storing money overseas.
SIND Holdings

This is a company that was owned by MM Ahmad. It was incorporated and registered in Panama on June 7th, 2000 and dissolved on 8-7-2004.

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Update on Panama Papers, Ahmadi’s are now admitting that they held money overseas


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