Mirza Muzaffar Ahmad was an Ahmadi who was born in Qadian in 1913.  He died on July 4th, 2002 in America.  He was a grandson of MGA, through Mirza Bashir Ahmad.  He had no children, he was married to his first cousin, Amatul Qayyum, who was the daughter of the Khalifa and Noorudin’s daugther, Amtul Hai.  He had adopted his nephew Zahir Ahmad, and hiw wife, who was his daughter-in-law, Tazeen Ahmad, and two grand children, Muhammad and Mariam.

His political position
By 1947, he was 33 years old and had been a civil servant in the British govt since 1939, he was only 20 years old when hired by the British Government.  He was hired into the Pakistani civil service after the partition and somehow moved up swiftly to become a Federal Minister by 1967.  He worked on many issues in macro-economics and have even been the chief financial officer of Pakistan by 1971.

The attack on his life
On 9-15-1971, Muhammad Aslam Qureshi, who was an employee in the Capital Development Authority, he attacked MM Ahmad in an elevator with a knife.  The attack was unsuccessful and MM Ahmad was safe.  The president of Pakistan was out of the country and the Al-Furqan Magazine of rabwah reported that MM Ahmad, who was the acting president of Pakistan has been attacked (see Al-Furqan, 9-15-1971).  Muhammad Aslam Qureshi was given 15 years rigorous labor as his punishment, however, after Bhutto came to power that was reduced to just a few years.  By the time Ahmadis were declared Non-Muslim, Aslam Qureshi was free.
However, MM Ahmad immediately fled Pakstan for the USA and was even given a key job in the World Bank, most likely through his connections with Zafrullah Khan.

It is important to note that many newspaper of Pakistan in 1971 reported that MM Ahmad had Ahmadiyya interests in mind as he beefed with East Pakistan in terms of his financial and economic policies.

MM Ahmad was married to a grand-daughter of Noorudin, a daughter of the Khalifa, Mahmud Ahmad.  They had no children.

SIND Holdings
This is a company that was owned by MM Ahmad.  It was incorporated and registered in Panama on June 7th, 2000 and dissolved on 8-7-2004.

The Ahmadiyya Movement seems to have colluded with MM Ahmad to store money overseas in Panama.  This is a long line of Ahmadis who are implicated with storing money overseas.

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