MGA disrespected many famous personalities in Islam, Christianity and Judaism. MGA also disliked the female name Fatima, the daughter of Muhammad (saw), this is why #ahmadis never name their daughters as Fatima. MGA argued that she had bad luck, and thus, he disliked her name. MGA also disrespected Fatima’s (ra) children, Hassan and Hussain. MGA also disrespected Ali (ra).

The conversion of Syed Abdul Latif to Ahmadiyya and his subsequent state killing is a strange subject. Syed Abdul Latif was supposed to go to Mecca for Hajj, for that the government of Afghanistan had given him lots of money and 6 months of vacation time. However, somehow,
Syed Abdul Latif went to Qadian and lived in the company of MGA for 6 months. This is very strange, it is possible that he was working directly for the British government.  He even came into contact with an Arab who was also visiting Qadian. Towards the end of 1902, MGA was summoned to Jhelum in connection with the Karam Din defamation case. Syed Abdul Latif traveled with MGA to Jhelum to assist MGA in his court case. Syed Abdul Latif was put to death by the Afghan government on July 14th, 1903. In “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain”(1903)–English translation, MGA erroneously wrote that Syed Abdul Latif was imprisoned for 4 months, that proved to be wrong, Ahmad Noor Kabuli came to Qadian (November-December 1903) after the publishing of “Tadhkiratu-Shahadatain”(1903)–English translation and told MGA that Syed Abdul Latif was only imprisoned for 1 1/2 months. Even the English Review of Religions wrote that Syed Abdul Latif was imprisoned for 4 months (See RoR-english, Nov/Dec 1903 edition). His story is also discussed in the english-ROR of November-1912, see pages 452-454.
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MALFOOZAT Volume 3 page 496 and Volume 4 page 364

“”Sahibzada Abdul Latif left behind good example, if examined carefully his incident is greater than the incident of Hazrat Imam Hussian a.s. because Imam Hussain a.s. Was neither imprisoned nor chained it was only a war where Imam Hussain had an army and if His men were killed, the army of Imam Hussain killed the soldiers of other side as well. Contrary to that Molvi Abdul Latif sb was imprisoned with chained hands and feet. There was no chance of escape for him. The martyrdom of Molvi Abdul Latif is such a great martyrdom that it has no other example in 13 centuries of Islamic history””.


See also the English-ROR, page 407 1903
Malfoozat vol 1, page no 133, latest edition

“Shia religion is strongly opposed to Islam”

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Syed Abdul Latif accompanied MGA to Jhelum in January of 1903


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