Dear readers, after MGA died, there were 3 books that were published posthumously, “Jesus in India”, “Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya Vol. 5” and “Nuzul ul Masih”.  These books were cover-up jobs, the BA5 addressed the failure of MGA’s “age-prophecy”, which promised that MGA would live until age 80, which would be 1920, however, MGA died early of cholera.  In this book, MGA claims that his father died in 1875, and he also wrote that his brother died in 1881.  Why did do this?  His editors did this to discredit MGA himself and assert that MGA was just guessing, they were thus able to adjust his year of birth back 4-5 years to 1835.  Ahmadi sources claim that MGA began writing this book in 1902.  This book in english is “The descent of the Messiah”, however, Ahmadi sources call it “The Second Coming of the Messiah”.  This book was published on the 25th of August 1909.

Seeratul Mahdi and Nuzul ul Masih, clashing of dates and etc
This narration 769 spreads over 5 pages and deals with various discrepencies in the dates.

Ref. seera tul Mahdi 3
Page 207 of 316
Narration no. 769

” Dr Ismail wrote to me and said that in narration 467 of seerat ul mahdi, he differs with me on some of the dates which are given below:

1- (A) HAZRAT MASIH MOUOOD WROTE 20 AUGUST 1875 AS THE DATE OF DEATH OF HIS FATHER LATE MIRZA GHULAM MURTAZA (look Nazool al Masih page 207) but in seerat ul mahdi 1876 is written. Then in an other place, HAZRAT SAHEB (mgaq) WROTE JUNE 1874 AS HIS FATHERS’S DATE OF DEATH (nazool ul masih page 116)

The humble one states that ” contradiction ” in his (mgaq) own statement shows that he wrote those estimated dates out of memory. But the dates that i wrote was taken from government records therefore I consider 1876 is the right date and in HAZRAT SAHIB (MGAQ)’s book KASHFAL ATA HAS THAT REFERNCE”

(B) I am skipping this part, this again shows contradictions that mgaq had with regards to some incidents.

2- HAZRAT SAHEB (mgaq) WROTE HIS BROTHER MIRZA GHULAM QADIR DIED IN 1881 (nazoole masih) and you wrote 1883 in seera tul mehdi. Similarly in an other place HAZRAT SAHEB (mgaq) WROTE 1887 AS DATE OF DEATH (nazool Masih 213) ”

Some quotes
1—-“””He who accepts me accepts afresh all the prophets and their miracles, and he who does not accept me will lose his previous faith also, for he has only tales to fall back on and his own observation. I am the mirror of God Almighty. He who comes to me and accepts me will see afresh the God concerning Whom other people have only old tales to tell. I believe in the God Whom those who deny me do not recognize. I state truly that what they believe in are the idols of their imagination and not God. That is why those idols cannot help them, cannot give them
strength, cannot bring about a holy change in them, and cannot show them any signs (Nuzul ul Masih, pp. 84-85, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol .18, pp. 462-463)(See Hidden Treasures).”””

2—“”The name of the Revenue Officer who was trying the suit was Hafiz Hidayat ‘Ali. He dismissed the suit on the statement of the defendant that according to a decision of the Commissioner he was entitled to cut down the tree in dispute. When he announced the dismissal of the suit the defendant and his witnesses went out of the court room. They returned to the village and announced that the suit has been dismissed. Thereafter, the Reader of the Court, who left the court room for a little while, returned and pointed out to the Revenue Officer that the order of the Commissioner which the defendant had relied upon had been set aside by the Financial Commissioner. The Reader put up the file to the Revenue Officer. Thereupon, Hidayat ‘Ali made a complete turnabout, tore up his first order, and decreed the suit. [Nuzulul-Masih, pp. 143–144, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 18, pp. 521–522](See Tadhkirah, 2009 edition).””

Page 494 scanned
nazool e masih Page 494

MGA’s editors add the word knife to the Lekh Ram prophecy
We all know that this entire book is an edit-job by Ahmadiyya mullahs. We have noticed that they claim that when MGA initially wrote the Lekh ram prophecy he wrote that Lekh Ram would die via a knife.  This is a lie, MGA never wrote any such thing.  See the scan in the below:


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