MGA was a very supersticious man. We have found many irregularities in his daily utterances which were recorded in the earliest sources on Ahmadiyya. MGA disliked the name Fatimah, most likely because the fate of Fatimah (the only surviving child of Muhammad (Saw)) was really bad in the opinion of MGA, however, to Muslims, she lived an amazing life. She was the mother of Hussain and Hassan, who were both brutally murdered by Muslims. She died 6 months after the death of Muhammad (Saw) and had refused to accept the Khilafat of Abu Bakr (ra). Nevertheless, Muslims love her and respect her and we love to use her name for our children. In fact, in Spain and other parts of the Spanish speaking world, the name Fatimah is used extensively. MGA also disrespected Fatima’s (ra) children, Hassan and Hussain. MGA also disrespected Ali (ra). MGA even called the killing of Maulvi Abdul Latif as greater than that of Imam Hussain. 

In 1883-1884, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was prefacing his claim of being the Mahdi by claiming to be ahl-e-bait. 

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be Persian in 1901 and per Kanzul Ummul, Persians are ahl-e-bait, and thus, MGA is the mahdi.


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Narration no. 505

“Usually while naming a new born, he would not use names FATIMA and Saeed (happy). He said about Fatima that even if you see Hazrat Fatima in your dreams, usually it means its sign of sadness and pain, because Hazrat Fatima’s spent all her life in misery and pain. And he used to say about Saeed that whoever I found named Saeed was usually the opposite”
_____________________________________________________________________________________________See page 46 Maktubat e Ahmad Vol- 4

“Qazi Abdus salam one of the disciples of MGAQ says that the actual name of my paternal aunt was Fatimah but Hazrat sb (MGAQ) has changed this name and proposed her name as Amtul Rehman and said name of Fatimah attaches some kind of troubling life with it.“
Some Commentary

This girl was one of the many poor girls who were staying at MGAQ’s home serving him and his wife. So when she was married and was leaving the house of MGAQ, Nusrat Jehan said to MGAQ, what would happen after her departure? MGAQ said don’t you worry we would cause her stay longer once she returns from her husband’s home. It is customary in the Indo-Pak-Punjab that newly wed girl return to their parent’s home and stay there for few days, after one day of marriage and this is called as Muklawa so Mirza said “Muklawa lamba kar denge”, in other words, we will extend her return visit and make sure she is revealing any of the Mirza family secrets and etc.

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Malfoozat vol 1, page no 133, latest edition

“Shia religion is strongly opposed to Islam”

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