Dr. Abdullah Khan Akhtar a resident of Jatoi Distt Muzaffar Garh Punjab then British India, now Pakistan, was an eighth class student before partition of India in 1947.

At that time Choudhry Abdullah Khan, brother of Zafrullah Khan, was a Punchayat Officer in District Muzaffar Garh. He got a teacher of the School converted to Qadianism and this Qadiani Teacher placed trap on young Abdullah Khan Akhtar to make him Qadiani, sent him to Qadian for further studies with recommendation letters of Ch. Abdullah.Young Abdullah Khan Akhtar entered into qadiani pledge at the hand of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud who was Khalifa at that time.

After completion of education Akhtar was sent to Malaya Singapore as an Ahmadi Muballigh. He returned to Qadian from there after 3 1/2 years tenure and got married in a notable family of Qadian. He kept on his mission of ahmadiyya tabilgh across india, In Mumbai, Agra, Mongir, Shahjehanpur, Lucknow, Putna and in Punjab. He debated with Molana Lal Hussain Akhtar Ex ahmadi in Sargodha and Jhang after partition. Strongly opposed Tehreek Khatme Nabuwwat of 1953.

After the Tehreek Khatme Nabuwwat the court of Enquiry was set up which called Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud Khalifa of Qadianis, for statement and cross questioning. The statement of Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud caught Akhtar by surprise and he started to revisit his views about the Ahmadiyya.

Following were the Questions and answers between Court of Enquiry and Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmoud:-

COE. If someone, After having a careful look at the claims of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani, denies them, will he remain a muslim?

MBM. Yes He would be considered a muslim in general terms.

COE. In your witness you have said that one would continue to remain a muslim even if he do not believes in Mirza sb honestly. Is it your belief since the beginning?

MBM: yes.

Do you consider Mirza sb among those appointed/ messengers, no body can be called muslim without believing in them.?

MBM. I have already replied to this question that any body who do not believe in Mirza sb can not be called to be out of the pail of Islam.

COE: whether believing in Mirza sb is a part of IMAN?

MBM: No.

These Question answers were published in a book (at pages 10 to 32, ) under Darul Tajleed Urdu Bazar Lahore with photograph of Khalifa sb on title page.

These answers were shocking for Akhtar as these were against the basic instructions of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani and in contradiction of writings of khalifa sb himself and in blatant negation of basic ahmadi beliefs.

Dr. Abdullah Khan Akhtar then left ahmadiyya reverted to Islam and sought repentance of Allah for adopting a false religion and started tabligh e Islam among ahmadis to compensate for his being part of Ahmadiyya activities in a long period of his life.

He wrote a book titled as MIRZAIYAT SE TAUBAH.


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