Dear readers, for the time ever, the Ahmadiyya movement has fully translated MGA’s most voluminous book into english. We are currently reading it and preparing an academic styled review. We are sure that the Ahmadiyya editing team has already went through this book and purposely mis-translated the controversial portions of this book. The book should be called “Reality of Revelations”, however, Ahmadiyya editors are being told what to write and how. We have also posted the original 1907 edition of “Haqiqatul-Wahi” and the 1970 edition.

We found an error between Muhammad Ali’s translation (See “Prophethood in Islam” [1915]) and the new one. Enjoy! #majazi. The ROR of Nov-1916 has about 3 paragraphs of “Haqiqatul-Wahi”, translated into english by Fateh Muhammad Sial. The ROR of Feb-1942 has some excerpts quoted.
Older Editions

Haqiqatul Wahi 1st edition May 1907

Haqatatul Wahi 1970
We already found something

In 1915, as the Lahori-Ahmadi’s had already split with the Qadianis. Muhammad Ali was busy refuting the Qadiani doctrines in terms of the prophethood of MGA, Takfir and the verse of Ismuhu Ahmad. Muhammad Ali’s most compelling argument was that MGA had written in 1907, in the supplement to Haqiqatul Wahy as follows:

Supplement, Istifta, p. 64

“Prophethood has admittedly been terminated with the advent of our Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. There is now neither any book besides the Quran, the best of the Scriptures nor any Shari’ah other than Shari’ah of Muhammad. The Holy Prophet, who is the best of all creation, has given me the name ‘prophet’ which is a reflection of countless blessings earned by obeying him faithfully. I see no virtue of my own. I owe accomplishments to this holy soul. My prophethood in the divine lingo means only abundance of communion and communication. Let the curse of Allah be upon him who aspires anything beyond this and arrogates or pulls his neck away from the yoke of obedience to this Holy Prophet. Our Messenger (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), is undoubtedly the Khatam al-Anbiya and with him has terminated the chain of the messengers; so no one can now claim perfect prophethood after our Messenger, the Chosen one. Nothing is now left after him except abundance of communion and communication and even that cannot be received without obedience to the Holy Prophet, who is the best of mankind. I declare it on solemn affirmation that I have attained this status only by following the beams of light radiated from his prophethood, and that I have been called a prophet by God only metaphorically and not by way of reality.”
This supplement was in Arabic only

I would have to guess that Ahsan Amrohi wrote this supplement, since Maulvi Abdul Kareem was already dead, Nooruddin probably helped.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The new translation–2018

….prophethood came to an end after our Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and there is no Book after al-Furqan [the Discrimination; i.e. the Holy Quran] which is superior to all earlier Scriptures, neither is there any new shariah after the Muhammadan Shariah.  

However, the Best of Mankind declared me to be a Prophet, and this is a matter of being his reflection due to the blessings of complete submission. And I find no excellence within me; all that I have obtained is through his holy soul. By calling me a Prophet, Allah means only [that I receive] abundant revelations and converse [with God]. May the curse of Allah be upon the one who aspires to anything beyond that, or considers his own person as something special, or frees his neck from the yoke [i.e. complete submission] of the prophethood [of the Holy Prophet sa].

Surely, our Messenger is Khatamun-Nabiyyin [the Seal of the Prophets] and the chain of
Messengers has ended with him. Therefore, no one has the right to claim prophethood after our
Messenger, the Chosen One, in an independent manner, and nothing has remained after him except dialogue [with Allah] in abundance. Even this is conditional upon following [the Holy Prophet sa] and is not granted unless one is a true follower of the Best of Creation. I swear by God that I have been blessed with this spiritual station only by following the radiant rays of the light of the Chosen Prophet sa. I have been granted the name ‘Prophet’ by Allah, not in its original sense [of being raised independently], but as a subordinate Prophet.
The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s lied, not Muhammad Ali

Mirza Masroor Ahmad ordered this cover-up. If you notice, they took out the word metaphor (in arabic as MAJAZ)and totally replaced it with “original sense” and they removed, “not by way of reality”  and wrote: but as a subordinate Prophet”.
The Urdu version of Haqiqatul Wahy’s supplement, the urdu translation

I may add here that on the Qadiani Jamaat website there is an Urdu translation of this Arabic section of Haqiqat-ul-Wahy (see link), and in this translation the above statement has been quite correctly rendered as:


Another instance

On page 124 (online english edition), via a long revelation of MGA, MGA claims that his god told him that he makes “mistakes” (in arabic as akhta). When the Qadiani-Ahmadi’s translated this, since they were embarrassed, they lied and translated it as “i will miss”, instead, of “I will make mistakes”. MGA even translated it into Urdu and said “main sawab bhi karoon ga aur khata bhi karoon ga”, thus proving the meanings.

Urdu version

English version

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