Nowadays, on social media and other places, you will see Ahmadi’s claiming that they are peace-loving and etc, however, this is totally bogus, Ahmadi’s are just as backwards and violent as the average Punjabi-person from the indian subcontinent.  This story is archived in the Qadiani-Ahmadi source: Tareekh ahmadiyyat vol 5 page 185 and 186. A few years later, Fakhr ud Din Multani was fatally attacked while in Qadian, just a few hours after the Khalifa’s friday sermon, he died a few days later in the hospital. Ahmadiyya sources have totally ignored these instances, which proves their deception.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The story

There was a newspaper named Mubahila. Editor of that newspaper, Abdul Kareem, use to expose mirza about his lies and ghastly character from books of mirza Qadiyani. On 23rd April 1930 , one follower of mirza qadiyani attacked Abdul Kareem, inflicted serious injuries upon him and killed his one companion Haji Muhammad Hussain for the honor of mirza. Qazi Muhammad Ali was arrested and sent to jail where proceedings of his case started on 1st November 1930. After proceedings Capital Punishment was awarded to Qazi Muhammad Ali under two charges, Murder and attempted Murder. Appeal was filed in higher courts but rejected, consequently Qazi Muhammad Ali was hanged on 21 May 1931. Today every Qadiyani says that killing for the honor of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him is not justified at all and it is and atrocious act. What they did in case of Qazi Muhammad Ali???

When he Killed Haji Muhammad Hussain, Second khaleefa Of Jamaat supported him in his Friday sermons. He declared that Qazi Muhammad Ali did this out extreme level of faith. He fought his case starting from lower level to high courts and praised him a lot. When he was hanged, second khaleefa send special individual to bring his dead body to Qadiyan. He offered his JANAZA and shoulder the funeral. In official newspaper of Mirzaies they published an article with Heading “Splendid end of respected Qazi Muhammad Ali” in which he was posed as hero. Many people demanded his pictures to blees their eyes with sight of Qazi Muhammad Ali, Those were printed and sold to them. And he is still hero of Jamat for killing an innocent.
We always observe and say that Qadiyanies have no relation with Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him. They Always degrade Ghazi Ilm Ud Deen who killed Raj Pal for honor of Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him, but consider Qazi Muhammad Ali as Hero who killed for mirza.


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