Even MGA claims to have believed in the physical ascension (RAFFA) and physical descent of Esa (as) until he was roughly 50 years old (1889-1890 era), however, in 1890, MGA abruptly denied this concept in Islam (see page 1). By 1907, MGA was calling it shirk to believe in this concept and was thus doing Takfir.  In this video, we see the famous Ahmadi mullah/murrabbee/employee Ansar Raza, who is a teacher/worker at the Ahmadiyya Jamia in Canada, Raza is asking a famous muslim scholar if it is shirk to believe that Esa (As) ascended to heaven.  He asks this question in the typical-arrogant-desi-style, and his english grammar is backwards and etc.  Nevertheless,  Shabbir Ally tells how the Quran explains the physical ascension of Esa (as), as well as the physical ascension of Muhammad (saw).  Shabbir Ally goes on to say that Allah has the power to do all things.

The video, at the 25:15 mark

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